Full Moon Poem by Emancipation Planz

Full Moon

Today …

With smile in good cheer, and in purpose so dear
with you on my head,
I sat in the shade of my floppy straw hat

Bought for reason that I’d never take back
Flying was not easy, tears filled my pack
and today I see words darting as legs of vixen

We changed my world, yet it still needs fixing
as recollected times sprawls us back on that mat,
water to sky now dominates, its blueness bursts fat
and blooms as my favourite weed, agapanthus be her shape
and when you picked my flower and diced by roadside death
you were meeting with me in more than train of thought

Roma lives within me,
Central in my veins,
stationed in my heart,
two birds of laughter traveling lands still to charter,
a kookaburra cries in rain,
awaiting just to laugh
rain swept pain instead of flooding it deeper
over every surface I’ve tabled, plates would not need xrays.
My screening image could be swept up to tidy neat in bun.

I do not emit solace and gloves do not cover
protect by boxer’s marked in fabricated liners
that sailed down passageway of portholes in
contact with lenses of classic summer focus.

We buff conjecture away as if sea foam had blown inwards
a creamy top dressing sheet on a bed of sand crushing under
love’s deliberation rising from grounds that do not grow easy
and as the sunny forecast paled, slingshots stung
the sun of its yellow bled rays

I will not pause my wishes
but keep within me
the gentle humming of our song.

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