Engy El Ghanam

Furious Love - Poem by Engy El Ghanam

There's no reason put to senses or to heart
No bounds to chain the urge to stay or part
No trait one word can hold
No promise to be kept or told
Is what we have what we want!
Or is it always what we dont

Voices..Calling my name
Dont want to turn and look they all just sound the same.
All but one, , that stands so clear
bids all the noise to disappear
not my name it calls but yours to find your way to me
before your eyes i stand and stare for what would be
and you blink not as i gaze through my reflection
the only one you see is me and thats the question.
how come, what for and why!
your holding someone's hand that you cant hold within you eye
i close mine to shut the world away and be with you
then voices escalates again to claim whats true
am here...they call my name and i respond
know not myself but i pretend

i turn around leaving your side
couldnt break the mirror to my soul and couldnt hide
defend-less is the thought to not look back and so i do
the distance blurred the vision of you
on a different path than mine i glimpse your steps away
on a different path than yours i wish that you would stay
i wish.....but what good are wishes for
there's no magic in believing anymore

Fury, anger and resentment, am so full of those
Naive and stupid..too much of both
i think you'd better go and leave no trace behind
the worst is over now, need no rewind
You are by far the furthest
the enemy to myself and yet the nearest
You, are the consequence of my choice
the deafening echo of my voice

myself i have to blame for thinking you'd be all what you are not
what a silly jock you turned to be, a little that i thought a lot
Scared i might call your name again and you'll look back
Scared of that disfigured face of yours, the courage that i lack
to face the truth about the 'you' beyond disguise
to get acquainted with the true soul behind your eyes
the 'you' i didnt get to know
the one you never got to show

i cannot ask you why so fake you turned to be
am only trying to figure out why was i so blind to see
Furious, angry and resentful for how stupid and naive i was
Disfigured is your face, my choice and is the passion that grows
like all the things that goes untamed, undefined and uncontrolled
like all the scars beneath my skin i hold

i hear no noise no more through out the crowded thoughts within
Peace dominates and silence once more win
on a different path than mine you will pay
for the damages that you caused will turn around and come your way.
on a different path than yours we will meet again someday.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 13, 2010

Poem Edited: Monday, July 18, 2011

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