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Gaza Broken Tears - Poem by see fee lee

Gaza broken tears
Tears sadness, when we been told we done wrong
Tears pains, when we been discipline
Tears hurts, when we lost and alone
Happy, joy and feeling greats proud with tears
Because we are human being
When I see this GAZA girl broken tears
Broken Tears dropping from her eye
Her heart been tear apart, this world it so unfair to her
Nothing left for her all gone
Why this thing happen to her
She just a little girl, what can she be possible do any harm to anybody?
Why, you have to punish her like this
Tearing her hearts into millions pieces
And why, you adults make it possible sitting down and keep talking
Whatever tensions and grieve, resort it in a peaceful manner
Don’t you adults ever think of your children?
How we been taught, we needed both to guide us
We needed to learn loves and living in peace and happiness
But you adults show us such examples
Hatred killing and murdering WHY
What we will become when we grown up?
Do you want and expect us to follows your footsteps?
I believe we both want peace, and it doesn’t matter who start first
What does matter, If we acting aggression towards each other
No one ever thought of consequence can last for generations
T o the Israelis, I know our adults have been making troubles to you sometime.
But we both know the trouble it does not only cause by our adults only
Sometime is from you Israelis and I know we have been
Unfriendly, toward each other over half a century
But one thing I do want you, to give a thought, do you want your own little girl like me
with broken tear the rest of her life?
I believe you don’t want this happen to her.
I am begging to you Israelis, please to be kind and gentles, toward us even so our adults acting rush
Please have big hearts spared us, don’t destroy our villages and us.
Just because you looking for somebody or groups, you destroy everything
and we are innocence we did not make any trouble towards you
And not all our parent’s and I am ashamed of our government
don’t have enough power to stop this troublesome people here
Show me show us you are genuine gentlemen, show us peace. We ready to give.
I believe you got much to learn from us happiness!
To be unity amongst us and living in Peace
Gentle will receive more respects itself and kindness will be blessed in peace and happiness
GAZA broken tears: See

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