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My children
come together

Christmas is wonder and specially brings joy into you
It comes right from your heart and let peace be with you
Is a time for love and fun feel the sun shine and bright
Feel the star light twinkles all night and the moon light

Fly home there will be shine
with bright orange light
Fly home there will be sweet
with bright orange light

Life is like the weather
Changing everyday cold windy and sweat

Pretty woman.
But wife is beautiful.
Pretty woman is hot.
But wife is the sexiest.

London city you claims your right

The moving city, days and nights.
it seem no one can sit still

Why we call each other
Brother and sister?

Throughout the year we make peace and war
To friends, family or colleges
Hurting word and cruel remark
Which hurt friends, family or colleagues?

You lot criticizes woman
Dominate and control
Her cooking is bad

Color you name
Which we prove to present
Riches in colors of all
Have no begin or end

Keeping email alive in touch

A day gone by without your mail
I seem to be a year for me

Let it be the beginning 2009

Let begins with joy and fun, Family and friends,
lover making through out the years and on

Years pasted by us quick
Lost counting endless days and nights
The family I haven’t seen for years
Because Immigrant to another country

The soul, song of love
I sing from the bottom of my heart
The soul song, I sing I cry I laugh
I cheer I love enjoy

Recently I feel inflow of energy,

All day long
I thought about you

Facebook addy

Friends and social, drinking pal and party events.
we meet so many nice people.

Lovely happy people and joy
Colorful culture and race

My dream, that will be continue meadow
Surround with beauteous colors
To me have broken much
The beauteous flower has present

I imagine my angel fall down from heaven
Seek and search for the man
Down on earth See the man been waiting along
for the angel to fell on him, which he been waiting all his life

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I haven't passed an exam in school I left school at the age 14 Not one blue mark but all red The whole class I will Be the last or second last most word I can't spell I just use the word I know Sometime I know the word But can’t find in dictionary So I have to phone my brother To spell it for me and English is not my first or my second language I never can and never will I start writing poetry at 43 now am 44 I have written over hundred My hope bottom heart and wish Someone out there Publish my poetry all in a book Riches is not my aim My fulfill ness is to see People in theworld reading my book Know me as such)

The Best Poem Of see fee lee

Come Together

My children
come together
young and old
come together
all race and cultures
come together
all religions and non religious
come together

let's join together
let's laugh together
let's have fun together
let’s all be happy together
and live side by side together
we are the same kind
and will be together

'Love you all
my children'

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