Madeleine Wolf

Gentle Drops To Ocean - Poem by Madeleine Wolf

When I walk along this path
And climb this steep hill,
I feel gentle drops of rain
Brush against my face.

I say “I’ll follow the sun, ”
Quoting a song just heard and sung.
While you say “I like the rain.”
We go into a language.
A language that can be filled
With fear, hate, and rawness.

This language isn’t all bad,
But it can make you sad.
It is filled with love,
It’s the language of love.
We’ve said so many “je t’aime mon amies”
and “a demains” since we met,
but now we must say “au revoir pour maintenant.”

You continue
“When you feel the gentle dew,
Make believe they are the gentle
Kisses I give you.”
It gives me a wonderful outlook on rain,
One that is truly new.

My heart melts.
Not with sadness, anger, or fiery passion,
But with “aimer”
And maybe “amourer.”
I feel gentle drops
Trickle down my face.

Reaching out my hand,
Extending it towards you,
I notice it isn’t raining anymore.

Before looking at you,
While making an effort to conceal my tears
…just in case it incites fears…

I feel a new warmth against my palm,
While inside,
I am still marveling at the beauty of his words.

I look down towards my hand,
And I see yours cradling it.
Like the outlook on the dew,
This was a touch and sight
That was truly new.

“I Want to Hold Your Hand”
Plays in the background for me,
Yet the Hallelujah chorus sings in my heart.
There is no question about it,
This is definitely new!

I slowly look up,
Realizing he knew I was crying.
At that moment,
I couldn't hold the happiness in.

The gentle drops that were on my cheek,
The dew that was so new,
Flooded and became an ocean.
The ocean you don’t want to get out of,
The one where you once begged your parents “Ten more minutesss, ”
The one in which you are playing,
And of course,

We lock eyes,
They are the most expressive facial feature you know,
And I am able to smile
As the ocean still washes in
On the banks of my cheek.

I say “Good tears.”
He looks at me with an expression
Turning from ponderous and serious
To a happy expression like mine.

“I never want to hurt you, ”
And yet again,
I see, but first hear, something new.
“I mean both physically and emotionally.”
Now I see the gentle drops
Well up in his eyes
In the pools of green that turn to blue.
The drops like the ones
That came from the sky.
“I never want to hurt you either,
Both physically emotionally, ”
And then…
Are you ready for this...?

Another truly new,
All the good adjectives jumbled into one
Comment is made.

After seeing his lips
In my periphery vision
When they were trembling,
I now see that they are clear and steady.

“I love you.”
My heart went from being inside my chest,
And went flying to the heavens
(this would later be called
“Yay face up to the ceiling
And through the roof”)
Hence causing a “boom! ”

My passionate characteristic
I say,
“I love you too so much! ”

From that moment on,
The gentle kisses were always sweet,
Are always sweet,
And are sometimes the sweetest.

At least, ones I had felt before
With other boys
Had been broken.
Knocked down.
Kicked through.
“Had successfully learned how not to be seen.”

The answer is in the question.
We learned what each other
Starting with the strawberry

“Carried Away” body-spray,
Your familiar, sexy-scented deodorant,
Going to your sweet,
natural scent.
Sense of smell is the most memory provoking
Scent, you know.
Plays a huge part
In attraction.

We realized how much we loved
And still love each other
As each day went by.

We know there are times
Where we just can’t see each other
Due to time or distance


We know in our hearts,
The ones that always skip beats,
Like skipping, playful children,
That when we see each other from
Far off
Up close,

That no matter how far apart we are
We will always be together,
See each other,
Feel each other’s arms around our torsos.
Especially when one of us knows
The other one just needs a hug.

We will remember each other’s
And the scents the other person enjoys,
And the memories that stick out to each
One of us.
And we will feel the gentle drops,
The gentle kisses.
The oceans,
The passionate lip locks,
The “I know how to shut you up”
When we are missing each other.

Because we will always be together.
In mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem is based on when my boyfriend first told me he loved me. It happened exactly the way it is told in the poem, but obviously poetic devices and imagery are used to embellish the moment.

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  • Adeline Foster (8/15/2013 3:19:00 PM)

    This is certainly a truly expressive love poem. Read mine - O Dearest Love - and - Bloom of Youth -
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