Douglas Penick

Gesar Of Ling's Song On Winning The Kingdom Of Ling - Poem by Douglas Penick

SO Noble lords and ladies, brave warriors,
Know me as I am, the one who has been foretold.
It has been written in prophecies, and you know it in your hearts:
I am Gesar, King of Ling,
Who brings prosperity, dignity and joy,
Who destroys cowardice, delusion and slavery.

I am Gesar, Lion King of Ling,
The great conqueror and the great healer.
I am the light of your darkness,
The food of your hunger, and the scourge of your corruption.
I hold the sword of truth in one hand, And the medicine of peace in the other.
The time of my kingdom is now.
Whether you doubt this or not, it is so.
Whether you fear this or not, it is so.
Whether you rejoice in this or not, it is so.
Whether or not you would like to return
To the petty schemes of private life,
It is so.

We are one in this kingdom.
We are one in dignity.
We are one in courage.
We are one in battle
We are one ion gentleness.
We are one in splendor.
We are on in delight.
We are the promise of this world
And we are the glory of this world.
From today onward,
I have entered your hearts.

The kingdom is won
When you ride without hope or fear
On the power of the great wind of winds,
Which causes the hearts of the unworthy to shake and cling,
Which is the confidence in the heart of the stainless warrior.
My great horse, Kyang Go Karkar,

Is this miraculous wind of winds,
The spontaneous power of the uncontrived.
Learn this, noble warriors and ladies,
And the kingdom of authentic presence
Will expand without limit.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

From THE WARRIOR SONG OF KING GESAR, Mill City Press, pp.23-24


In that exact moment, Gesar assumes his true form. His golden helmet flashes rays of light, while its white pennants flutter in the sky. His shield and armor seem to glow with their own radiance. His weapons are frightening. His smile is affectionate, but his gaze cuts through all deception. His voice is like a crack of thunder:

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