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Gethsemane - Poem by Samson Ajilore

With a troubled and sorrowful heart
The Son of God to the garden went
A little step He took before He fell
The weight of our sins had crumbled Him
Oh, the innocent Lamb of God!
That was made to bear the humanity load
Thrice in the garden He made the same request
Father, take from Me this cup of sorrows
Jesus the Word was in the bosom of God
And has never been separated from Him before
He was about to be sundered from Him by our guilt
And He was tempted to reject His fatal destiny
But He yielded to the will of the Father in all.
Peter, James and John they all fell asleep
They couldn't stand with Him in His time of need
He loved too deeply to judge and harshly speak
So He knew their spirit was willing but the flesh was weak
The Son of God was filled with sorrows
He was sorrowful even to the point of death
The Lamb Of God saw the Holy Father turn His back
When His Son became Sin for humanity
His Eyes were too pure to behold the iniquity UPON the Lamb
Gethsemane was the greatest agony
On it He mounted the cross first before He did in the flesh
Gethsemane was where the agony was much
It was where the Father's will crosses the Lamb's
And His sweat was a great dropp of blood
Never think that the cross was easy at all
Only know that love made Him mount upon it
And made its agony bearable for His innocent soul
There the Son of God WAS MADE sin for us
In His Spirit, in His soul and in His body
So that we may have life everywhere He had death
His Spirit tasted sin and death for ours to live
And so did His soul and body upon the tree
And the tree of His death became our tree of life
Then He died and went to hell
That we might never have to go there
In hell the hardened hordes held Him tight
For He went there as an offender bearing our sins
But He threw himself off principalities beneath
And He made open shame of them
He triumphed over them publicly!
Jesus defeated the devil in his own territory
And disrobed him at the sight of all his agents
Christ prevailed over sin and death
And He took the keys of hell and of death
Thus He became the Lord of all!
And the Master over sin and death
Now the devil is disrobed of the power of death
For the Christ of God is alive forevermore
And He has the keys of hell and of death!
Nobody took His life from Him by force
But He chose to lay it DOWN that we might live
He was born to die the death of an offender
Not for His sins but for all of ours
That we might live His righteous life
It pleased the Father to impute our sins into His spotless Lamb
And into us His righteousness He has now credited
Thanks to Christ the Son of God
Who for love has laid His life,
That the world might live again!

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