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Competition Is Limitation - Poem by Samson Ajilore

Competition is limitation!
An arrogant ambition!
An abortion of function!
A distraction from purpose!
A game of ignorance!
A delusion of destiny
A limitation to achievement

It has separated friends
It has caused dissensions
It has birthed betrayals
It has divided acquaintances
It has limited productiveness
It has crippled potentials
It has covered uniqueness
It has empowered the dark
It has birthed deceptions
It has limited the church
It has ruined the world

A spirit sent from hell
To bind us to our vain purposes
And turn us against one another
So that we can't concentrate
So that we can't be in one accord
So that we can't vandalize hell
So that we can't populate Heaven
So that we can't proclaim the Gospel

Fight competition
Fight it with divine knowledge
Understand your uniqueness
Respect other's differences
If you aren't the train
You may be the rail
If you aren't the tree
You may be the bush
If you aren't be the sun
You may be the moon
So why all the rivalries?
Why not being YOU?
It's a crime to lose yourself
By attempting to become another
You're the only free identity left
Everyone else's is already taken
Though we're all different
Still, we are all gifted differently

He who seeks to control others
Fears the ones he can't control
He who loves enough to free all
The-same is intimidated by none
He gives no room for competition
He knows his gift shapes his personality

Seven billion humans on earth!
None sharing your fingerprints
See how individual you are to God
Quit the futile game of self-glorification
And join now the wise in heart
Who respect others without greed
Ever rejoicing with what they have

Nobody is more important than you
Nobody is less important to you
The Creator evenly loves all
The Creator made all so particular!

Find the problem you're born to solve
Stay committed till you have it solved
We are gifted to shape the world
We are gifted to change the world
You need me to fulfill your mission
I need you to fulfill my mission
Our common goal is the great commission
Its fulfillment isn't a 'one man' task
But takes the jointed efforts of all

The Church is one body
We are all the body parts
To compete is to collapse
But to complete is to uphold
If the members of your body are divided
And if one fights the other,
You will not move
You will get stuck
The tongue will bite the teeth
And the head will fight the eyes
The hand will not write
And the leg will not walk

All members are of equal value
For they're designed on purpose
If you are the eyes
I may be the ears
The eyes can't hear
The hear can't see
But the body needs to hear
And the body needs to see
What if the eyes fight the ears?

The body will not move
The body will not rest
The missions will not prosper
The eyes must cease war
The ear must declare peace
Both parts are needed
Both parts are precious
The mouth may eat
But the stomach holds the food
And even the anus has its role
Dare you not consider it the least
Or the body will die

So from the most obvious
To the most hidden parts
From those in the front
To the ones unseen
All are needful
All are important
All together make the body
The Body is you and me
We are all in one and one in all

We aren't rivals
But partners
We aren't competitors
But brothers and sisters
We are co-heirs with Christ
We are one in Christ!
We are the body of Christ!
We are complete In Him!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Dedicated to the body of Christ which is the Church

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