Ted Middleton

Getting Older - Poem by Ted Middleton

Getting Older

You know when you're getting older and aged
When you tire just thinking of how you once raged
When everything hurts and you feel such a jerk
And what doesn't hurt - just refuses to work

You climbed up the ladder, success was your call
But you know now the ladder, was up the wrong wall
You resisted temptations, that made others glad
You've time to lament - and it makes you so sad

The gleam in your eyes, reflect from your glasses
You've had a late night - when 9 oclock passes
All the names in your blackbook, have initials - 'M.D'
You can now say 'my back - goes out more than me'

That little greyed lady, you've known all your life
Rejects your assistance and claims she's your wife
When you turn out the lights now, it's just to save money
And your middle aged son pleads, 'dont call me sonny'

There's room in your wallet, but what makes you depressed
Is you know there's no room in your medicine chest
Your favorite TV show's - go back a long way
You bite on a steak and thats where your teeth stay!

You know all the answers but they dont ask the question
You cant eat great food cause you get indigestion
You like your dull evenings - they're less of an irk
You sit in your rocking chair, but cant make it work

The dances you danced, now you've got two left feet
Your mind still makes contracts your body cant meet
You think of the times, when you painted the town
It makes you exhausted - you've have to sit down

They say in your youth, you were strapping and cool
Your mates tailed you 'round and you made the girls drool
You faced up to life and the woes that befall it
You smile as you're told, but you just cant recall it

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Old age is something that amuses those who have not yet experienced
its onset. Eventually they will - so the last laugh is ALWAYS on
those who laughed loudest. So I wrote this one as a testimonial to
those who will understand the onset and symptoms described and hopefully still have that sense of humour that allows them to laugh at life and themselves.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, December 25, 2012

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