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Ghost Girl - Poem by Zaria Fallenrise

Ohh ohh
Baby I never knew the darkness in you.

Ohh ohh
Honey why oh honey why
Why on that day (oh yeah I remember)
You told me (that you love me)
Until that night (oh yeah I remember)

Oh oh ohh o ohhh ohhh
Baby you told me to run away with you.
Baby you told me that you loved me.
Baby I believe every word that you said to me.

Oh oh oh ohh ohh
Baby you told let's start our lives together.
Baby you told me lets run away it'll be alright.

Baby (oh yeah I remember that night) .
But what you didn't told me that I was gonna die.
Hot tears coming my cheek and face
You told me to take your hand] nothing will happen to me
I trusted you (even with my life)
The look in your eyes said so many lies (not a hint of truth inside)
The way you smiled (was so wicked)
How come I didn't noticed (the lies and truths weren't showing)

But now I'm dying (and you're just standing there)
Watching me (taking my last breath)
I can feel the blade (piercing into my body)
Stabbing the pain (into my bleeding heart)
I can hear your wicked laugh (making me cry out)
I can see the evil smile across your beautiful face (that I once loved)

Your golden eyes (are now flaming like the sun)
The darkness of your stone heart (is harden)
Why did you lied to me (after everything?)
Why ooh why oh oh why

I meant nothing to you (even you meant everything to me)
I was just the dust (you blew away)
I was just the ashes (you burn my body alive)
I was just the ice (and cold you frozen)
I was just the fire (you ignited and set to flames)
I was just the girl (that you killed)

The dagger going deeper (into my broken heart)
I see you once sweet smile (now dark and twisted)
I hear the demons waiting for me (waiting to control me)
I look into you (and show nothing)
My blood is streaming everywhere (now my body is in your arms)
I'm being consumed by pure darkness (what have you done?)

Now i'm dead (with a heart filled with revenge)
Now I'm gonna haunt your ass (after what you did to me)
Now I'm gonna find (you can't escape me this time)

I remember that day (the night I died)
I remember the taste (of your lips)
I remember you (killing me)
Now I'm nothing.

Just a ghost (looking for revenge)
Who is gonna kill you

I'm dead. I'm gone. I'm a ghost.

Ghost Girl.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This Halloween story shows the epic betrayal of a girl and her boyfriend who killed her and i didnt tell who he really was in the poem. The spoiler alert is that he is demon. So sometimes we are betrayed by those who we really trusted and loved that wear the masquerade masks to deceive us. Everyone of us has a little demon tempting us to do things to others beyond control but whos the real master? But we gotta be careful we fall in with love.

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