Ghost Light Poem by Kevin Patrick

Ghost Light

Rating: 5.0

When the curtains bow and the plays reposed
As aisles breath a requiem
And the audience are faded embers
their applauds sing sweet delirium
Whiles time now sleeps with ethemeral peace
And dreams inside it's tower
Then wisful space hosts her favorite ghosts
With a kiss in twilight hours

Soon spectrums mime in the hosts of black wings
Withing a silent melody
Gentle shadows casts in the orchestra pit
Hungry to play a revelry
Then a light from some realm of vast ether
Burst from this edible gloom
And the stage was now set for its grand play
Where eternity looms

And stirred from their wake, rose motley players
Out of the womb of night reborn
In regal grace that traced from ancient days
With pomp and pagentry adorned
And they gathered round to start the game again
To play their roles as before
Onto the stage their lives were once encaged
After they left for that far shore

The apron was floored, the procenium glowed
In that phantom company
And they played with a life beyond their years
To the seraphs gallery
And they played to the drama of true tragedy
Knowing it was all comedy
With performances that were out of this world
Like they were sorrows Prodigy

They played to their bones from depths of their souls
With the fires of shooting stars
Burning bright with a flame no man could contain
With a lightning repertoire
The climax shook and it fell to sad resolution
And the silent play had ended
The troop stood proud at the bow triumphant then with a sigh they soon ascended

And with a quick flicker of a loud whisper
The darkness had returned
Married with it the faintness of a glimmer
Of those legends who've burned
And are casts now on oblivions stage
Where all player take their flight
Yet sometimes you may hear their last calls
In the eye of the ghost light

Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: ghostly,gothic
Richard Wlodarski 10 May 2022

Kevin, you've outdone yourself. Definitely, one of your very best. A sincerely great tribute to stage actors. I love the ghostly atmospere of this poem.

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