Existencia Alta

Gibberish - Poem by Existencia Alta

I have never done this before,
I never thought I could, what for?
However, I met a great poet the other day
His work inspired me, I was so touched
I realized, I also had something to say…

It got me thinking…
Am I forsaken by this hostile world?
I’m young enough to be confused and ignorant, somewhat naïve
However, old enough to see the truth, to be in disbelief
It seems like everyone is after money, power, gold
So many souls already have been consciously sold…
But may I ask, what is the purpose of this trade?
Decade after decade…
We all forgot what’s real, what’s fake
We never give, we all just take
The essence of the life and love and joy just seems to fade

What am I after? I still don’t know
I’m young enough to dream and hope and have illusions
But old enough to understand that those are just delusions
Do I even get to choose after all?
Do I just join the ‘world’ and chase the ‘prize’?
Despite it being shameful and meaningless, shall I just close my eyes?
Do I stand up and fight for my beliefs?
But wait… How can I if I don’t even know my own motifs?
Or should I simply wait until I’m old and wise?
Cliché. I know, however, I can’t express it otherwise.

I’m lost and ignorant, and oh, confused
I’m young enough to think that I’m the only one
But old enough to understand that nothing can be done
Perhaps, my mind simply refused
To admit that the ‘world’ would rather be amused
Than change…
It would simply be impossible and strange
I’m young enough to believe I know everything, but I also admit
That I am old enough to accept that I am being naïve and inadequate
I guess, I’ll give up - it’s all out of my range.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, December 5, 2011

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