Global Socialization Poem by Keith Ricardo Williams

Global Socialization

the innocence of life
as we see it today
is erased by the savages
who call themselves human
thriving on a superiority egotrip
while destroying the ozone
polluting the environment
adding chemical, and biological disasters
talking about the world thereafter
placed in the hands of lunatics
trapped inside their own intelligence
our doom is sealed
by the laws of nature revealed
in polluted rivers
diseased bodies
disappearing species
food grown in human feces
tsunami’s, hurricanes, terrorist attacks
when everything goes right they’ll be right back
idiotic holy wars
ridiculous marketing in every store
homeless growing by the millions
a army of hungry children
just mad enough to create a society
where your laws don’t apply to me
destined to be reality
churches burn as the clock turns
racism no longer the big issue
believe it or not it’s just you
what are you going to do
when the whole world comes after you
for the idiotic things you do
relax it will never happen
the world is steadily collapsing
wall street just one more scenario
of the media pumping insanity in stereo
the world believes OJ got what he deserves so
keep on playing with the globe
let it revolve then explode
stay tuned for the next episode
created by god, or the human mind
i’ll be on the corner pretending i’m blind

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