Go Green, Go Vegan Before You Go Poem by Sleeping Beauty Still Alive

Go Green, Go Vegan Before You Go

They say it's 100% natural
While they pack it in plastic

You end up in the hospital
Week, helpless and sick

Then, they prescribe you some trash as usual
Saying: ' we believe, THIS will do the trick'

Quit animal products and stick to you apple
Do it now, before your clock click

Earth used to be safe, but we made it horrible
I say going vegan is the best choice you'll ever pick

Save you life my fellow individual
Let's all help each other, so no one will be a DICK

They're all diabolical headquarters
hiding behind a fake wall
We look up to them
and trust them without a wink
While all They want is draining our savings
Suck our blood
and screw us all.

Melissa Tamayo 03 June 2015

I'm almost there! I don't eat meat, but sadly I love milk & cheese! Great poem!

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I don't eat meat since I was 16... Now I'm 28... It has only been few years for me as a vegan... And I love this challenge of searching for alternatives and creating new dishes.... You'll be there, it is part of the trip.

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