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As I look in the mirror
That sad glare in my eyes
The loneliness I try to hide
It couldn’t be any clearer

Beauty is not the makeup you wear
Or the smell of your perfume wear
Beauty is not the cosmetic care of your hair
Or the style you choose to flaunt

What is time?
It is not tangible
The future does not exist
Unless you make it till tomorrow

Although she smiles without a care in the world
Leaving a glow wherever she goes
Behind that stare of hers, screams loneliness
Once clueless as well as careless

Sorrow; Love lost with sadden words
Lost hope with tears that burst
Twisted happiness, that sometimes hurt
Sorrow; A sentiment that makes one tear

The shining beam of sunlight pierces my eyes,
Forcing my lids to open wide.
First thought in my mind,
Not only is this a new day;

She's a perfectionist
She's courageous and full of knowledge
She's courteous and intrigued by those she meets
She turns unfortunate situations into thought out lessons

I notice the storm heading our way
The dark gray clouds overlapping
Seems like its taking days
The lightning raises the hairs on my legs

We are all blindsided by the selfish individuals.
Those who seek to reach the top, the envy never stops.
Unfortunately what they do not know,
Selling their souls for the white hat;

Despite all I know, I still keep that frog in my throat
and sadly continue to suppress my soul
My thoughts are on overload
These feelings, I can not control

I’m tired of all ripples in the shades
I’m tired of the dead flowers in this place
I’m tired of the bad energy you bring
I’m tired of the hearing the bad man sing

When we met
I tried to avoid you
When we met
I tried to ignore you

I was born from insecurity
I’m as loyal as can be
I barely knew my father
I’m a mother of two sons

The smell excruciating to my nose each time I enter the doors.
The gloomy sight tranquilizes my thoughts,
When I walk down the halls.
The sharp sound of the alarms pierces my drums.

The weather is my assurance of HIS presence each day.
When the sun shines I know He's smiling down on me.
The warmth from the glow comforts me, when I question although more.
The sunshine is His happiness upon humanity.

He’s self-centered and set in his own ways
He distance himself more everyday
He speaks with confidence
His strong personality overpowers his very presence

Life is a game of Chess
We, are the Pawns
We fight to reach the top, taking one step at a time only to be redundant
While the Knight stops us in our tracks

Not a moment went by
When she didn’t ponder the thoughts
Of what she could be
She day dreamed,

I follow the light
It lights my way through the night
I’m blinded by the many sights,
and question all that comes to light

When you’re lost and searching for more,
feels never ending
It is then you’ll find when
Everything you have gained,

Melissa L Tamayo Biography

This fast paced life we live just keeps the human mind clouded. It’s as if we are lost souls searching for our purpose in life. Searching for reasons as to why, where, how and when? I’ve come to the conclusion, only way to find myself, is to lose myself. A little metaphor I came up with. Meaning; sometimes what makes us strong, are the hurdles and obstacles we overcome throughout our lives. Which can sadly at times leave us viewing the world as a dark, cold place. On the outside seeming situated to everyone around us; but lost inside, confused and fighting to hide it. Building hate, sadness, anger deep down; and all for what? The journey of finding where we truly belong. At times I find it hard to let out my feelings, so I write down my thoughts. Small simple poems that express how I feel at the time. It typically became a stress reliever for me. Writing is a form of meditation for me. I clear my mind from everything that surrounds me, focused on my inner self. My poems express who I truly am, how I think, I’m very complex. Some might relate to my poems and some might be confused by them. My train of thought is quite different from others, but it’s what makes my work shine. I’m different in mind, but the same as any other poet, I use words to express what I feel. As well as how I view the world, standing from the outside. I’m thirty years old, and as I get older I wonder more as to who I really am, what my purpose is in life. That’s why my poems are important to me, when I write I search inside myself. As you read further I hope to get your understandings. Enjoy what you read, because what you read is part of me.)

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Am I The Only One?

As I look in the mirror
That sad glare in my eyes
The loneliness I try to hide
It couldn’t be any clearer
The things I feel inside
Holding in the pain
Feeling like glass
Cutting through my veins
The reflection of my tears
As crystal spears
The shadow of my eye lids
Overpowers every bit of my face

I’ve held this pain
Inside for long
It no longer feels wrong
Sad by the outcome
This dark cloud
Keeps my mind running wild
When will this
Look be gone?
Slowly filled with anger
Becoming my own
Damn stranger
Am I the only one?

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R B Seals 30 January 2016

I truly enjoyed the reading of your biography, Melissa. A captivating and engaging description that surely exemplifies your character and personality. Indeed, a most endearing essay!

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Melissa L Tamayo Quotes

We've all had that moment in life, where we just felt as if our rib cages were broken and used to build that barrier wall; surrounding our hearts and blocking the doors to our souls

To find yourself, you must first lose yourself.

Every tune of knowledge and every beat of wisdom, shall engrave a melody filled with mystical rhythms.

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Melissa L Tamayo Popularity

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