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Go With The Flow - Poem by miss liss

At times we get caught up in what we do or don't know,
But really what we should be doing is going with the flow.
Believe me, I know its much easier said than done,
But I swear if you just listen, it will help a ton.

You’re sitting there wondering what can or can't be,
In the mean time making your life a great mystery.
So here's a clue to solve your latest case:
Take life as it comes and go at your own pace.

In this crazy world we rush to find something stable,
But when it comes to commitments, not everyone is as able.
You might be ready, but maybe someone else is not.
This doesn't mean to force them or put them on the spot.

There are two sides to everything, but there's only one side we can see.
Knowing everything about the other is our only plea.
If only we could read minds to know what people are thinking,
We would be saved from disappointment and our hearts sinking.

Until we develop superpowers, these thoughts will be unknown,
But the thoughts you should be worried about are those of your own.
You can only control yourself in what you do, think, and say.
And if you try to control others, you'll only push them away.

Trying to know what you don't know is always so confusing.
A war with frustration is one you'll always be losing.
The only way to win is to not declare war at all,
To not get so caught up with life, to not be so quick to fall.

Having the answers to every question doesn't make life more complete.
You’ll find in the process, you'll be set up for defeat.
You can drive yourself crazy with all the 'what ifs' and 'whys'
So relax, enjoy life, and let the answers come as a surprise.

I don't mean to say that if it’s not easy, it’s not right,
But some things so simple shouldn't be an endless fight.
Simplicity is key, but in our minds it's so rare.
We overanalyze every word, every touch, and every stare.

Our thoughts overcome us; they take over our mind,
Creating a false reality and making us blind.
Trouble always comes when we think too long.
So don't over-think if you don't want to be wrong.

If you believe something is there, it might be not,
So leave it up to them whether it’s worth the shot.
Take the ball out of your court and throw it to theirs,
Have them be the one to show you if he or she cares.

But if they're not wanting, if they're not willing,
Then be patient and wait for something more thrilling.
Don’t waste your energy; don't waste your time,
If it’s an uphill battle, it's not worth the climb.

Take a deep breath, a step back, get a sense of what's real
Guard your heart and protect it like its made of steel.
Let your mind go to rest and have your heart take the lead
Submitting to your emotions, not thoughts, is how you'll be freed.

So what's the hurry? What’s the rush?
You feel like a fool with a middle school crush.
He loves me, he loves me not, is how the old saying may go,
But sometimes you'll be better off if you just don't know.

All you gotta do is go with the flow...

Paddle down stream and maybe two boats will collide
In this river of life, you'll surely be in for a ride.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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