Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

God’s Song - Poem by Aldo Kraas

They say that God has eyes behind his head
As well as in front
God knows what you’ve been up too
From the time you get up
And out of bed
From the time you get ready for School
From the time you have your breakfast
From the time you leave home and take the bus to School
From the time you arrive at School
Don’t forget he is watching you
You may not even notice him or feel his presence
God knows when you told someone a lie
You might not have much money, but one thing you
Must have is faith in order to survive in this
God’s world
Sunset, sunrise
Every day
God is every body’s master
And friend
Thou shall not kill
Sometimes when you feel angry
Walk away
Don’t sweat over the small stuff, it is not worth it
It is not worth to close the door on other people
Because there will always be a day when you will need them again
Let your feelings be known to people
Because they might only know your good side
You might not want to show them your bad side
Communicate with people
There are always two sides to every story
You need always two to tango
You can’t argue on your own
Sometimes you have to level out and compromise with other people
This is God’s song
My master is teaching you to fish
You weep for me
Yes child I see it
I am aware of your pain
I feel it and you share it with me
Sometimes you have to eat the crumbs also
My master is teaching you to fish
He took you on his fishing boat in the middle of the lake
He lay the fishing net in the water
Suddenly lots of fishes had appeared inside the fishing net
There is food for all of you just for now
You must eat first the left over because you or any body else can’t afford to waste food
There are a lot of people that don’t have what you have
Think about it every time you want to waste food
God’s song
Why is so much poverty in this world when the world is rich in oil and minerals?
There are lots of diseases in this world
You all must pray
You all must never give up hope
You all must wait and see the day when there will be a cure
For all the diseases that are going around in the world
You all are desperate for an answer
You all are waiting for a cure
Together you all can fight for a cure
You all must educate the people about Aids, Cancer, and
Other diseases that are going on in this world
The only way to reduce the risk of Aids is to use a
Condom before having sex
With your partner
You must not forget that Aids affects every one
You must not used dirty needles
Or share it with anyone
When you are disposing it
You must sealed it and write
Syringe on the label
If you and everyone else
Do that we will be able to reduce the risk of
Infecting somebody else with Aids in God’s world
God’s song
Walk with me
When you are in doubt, just pray
You never alone
Your master will save you
Health, love, and peace
Your master will give to you
Enjoy every minute of your life
You must live a worried free life
You must always walk
With your head up high
Be proud my child of
Who you are
And who created you
You have talent
You are gifted
You will be saved
You will never starve
You are never alone
Because your master
Is always watching out for you
Walk with your head up high
You will feel at peace
Knowing that someone is watching you always
Your master
Good bye my child
Give peace a chance
Give love a chance
You should love your neighbor as you love yourself
You should treat everyone else like the way you would like to be treated by them

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