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Where do I get the courage?
Where do I get the courage to go on living again?
To come out of my shell?
To pray again?
To smile?
Where do I get the courage to sing again?
Or laugh?
Where do I get the courage to go out again?
To relax again?
To breathe?
Where do I get the courage to love again?
To be free again?
To cook again?
Or look at the blue sky again?
Where do I get the courage to write again?
To wipe out the bad memories?
And put the past behind?
Where do I get the courage to make new friends?
Or watch flowers grow in the garden?
Where do I get the courage to write a letter to you?
To save money again?
Or read books?
I find it
Day by day.

* Sunprincess * 14 July 2014

............loved reading this write....courage is a wonderful theme for a poem...and this is definitely one of your best writes....adding to my poem collection...

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Peter Stavropoulos 22 July 2009

I agree, this is a wonderful work of art. Well done, Aldo.

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Eli White 16 January 2008

u sound like an idiot

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Duncan Wyllie 07 April 2007

Many have asked the same sort of questions, this was written with feeling and that feeling comes through intact, great piece Love duncan X

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Johnnetta Bridges 15 June 2008

Where do we find the courage i wish i could find it! ! !

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anawo 21 October 2019


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Thomas Kane 11 November 2018

I can relate to this very well, nice work

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Frida Castro 09 July 2018

Well done. Your poem has brought great comfort. Amazing work.

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Brian Mawadri 27 March 2018

Well done, great piece of art. thanks for sharing

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James Whale 12 August 2014

excellent and true - well told

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