Miss Thang

God Spoke To Me - Poem by Miss Thang

God spoke to me today.
And this is what I heard him say:
“Angie, support your husband in his role.
He’s helping broken kids become whole.
I blessed him with the gifts I did.
So he could use them with these kids.”
God told me to support my man.
In any and every way I can.
He said be patient my time will come
I’m a work in progress - He’s not done.
He said be understanding and have your back
Do everything I can to pick up the slack.
And do it with a humble heart
Know my role and play my part,
That’s how I can make a difference, too,
By encouraging and supporting you.
He said to give the kids lots of hugs and kisses
And make sure they know that daddy misses
His sons and daughters and mommy too
And always know that we also miss you.
God said “Look at the bigger plan,
So many kids need this man.”
You show you care but stay strict, too.
Most of these kids need that from you.
God said, “Be encouraged”. You’re doing His work
By helping these kids filled with anger and hurt.
Most don’t have a dad or a loving mom.
It’s up to you to encourage them to go on.
You provide the stability they don’t get at home.
Some of these kids feel all alone.
No one to hug them. No one to care.
That’s why it’s so important that you’re there.
God assigned you a position to fill.
To encourage them to fulfill his will.
You are an angel here on earth.
Sent to introduce these kids to their worth.
God told me to be quiet so I can hear.
Your silent anxiety and hidden fears.
He said you’re scared that you’ll let them down.
That if you fail, they won’t stick around.
He said you can’t save them all but if you stay strong
They’ll stay because they know where they belong.
God wants you to keep watch over His kids
And do for them what no one else did.
Support them. Encourage them. Make them feel safe.
Don’t let them quit – whatever it takes.
They look to you like Jesus did his dad.
Because you’re the father most of them never had.
They need you to say “I’m proud of you, son.
Look at all the great work that you’ve done”.
Praise them. Love them. Show them you’re there.
Let them know when no one else does – you still care.
God told me to be patient and strong for you.
So you can accomplish what He needs you to.
So be encouraged, my husband, you’re in His hands.
And He’s blessed you with the ability to be the man
That will make a difference and change lives,
With an understanding wife by your side.
I’m proud of you and He is too
For all the things we know you’ll do.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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