Swami Parmanand

Seer, Mattan, Kashmir / India
Swami Parmanand
Seer, Mattan, Kashmir / India

Gokul Is My Heart

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1. Gokul is my heart where
here's thy milk shop.
Recollect and contemplate I
The lure of thy flute,
And the haloed Light,
O, Lord, my God;
My senses are thy Gopies, who
Run after thee: -
Mad after the sweet call
Of thy flute-tunes;
Unconscious of strangers
And the self,
Dead are their nerves !

2. Hand in glove with thee, they
Dance in the dancing ring
Where Vyas and
Narad, too, are present
In obeisance;
Where Radha, in submission
Is telling the beads
''Radha Krishna Radha Krishna';
Gods and Godesses also keep
In attendance there
Waiting and pining
To meet- THEE....;
Weeping and singing,
They tire not !

2. Flowers take colour and bloom
At the sight of thee, and,
Wear a smiling face, as thee !
Soothed and solaced, as they feel
In the magnetism of thy
Garlands would we thread
For thee and, shower thy path
With colourful petals !

3. Omnipresent that
Thou art indeed, and yet,
Separate art not thee from
Mundane life;
Though thy Maya, shadows us out
From Thee !


In love for thee, I see you
Everywhere and yet,
Separate aren't thee
From Mudane life;
In elusive Maya, thou seem to be
Out shadowed from us;
C/P L.V. No. One, N. Shruk No. One.

7. In thy illusive void
And unlimited existence
Thou looketh like the starry dome
That serene light:
The sublime Vision!
Thou god of gods, and
Life of the living!

6. As one conceiveth, so one
Seeth thee.
Pray grace me too
With thy Darshan, O, Narayana !
Too impatient am !
To wait any more!

7. 'As one wisheth, so one geteth
The fruit of Karma.'
Sayth thee, O. Lord,
The giver of all !
All, 'give and take', is
Thy own Maya, and yet,
Why is man jealous of man?

8. The wise forgive the unwise and,
Suffer no loss for it!
O, yee unwise, realise that
Right action is more precious than
Empty prayer!

9. Could l? i would proclaim
The truth but,
None being receptive'
Whom should I reveal
My heart?
Singular truth seeps only
Into deep, sober minds!

10. Does a sun-and-moonless earth
Or would a godless soul halved be?
A godless life is no life:
Garlands would I offer HIM
Without fail,
Would that He were ever
To remain before me !

11. Slaves shine as we are,
Why do not thee
Accept our plea?
Shouldst thou treat shine own
As strangers?
Aren't we suppliants at thy feet,
Seeking Compassion ?

12. Dumb of tongue, how can I speak?
How does one understand
The depth of feeling of another?
One, who realises the truth,
Why's he unable to reveal it
To others?

13. Even on bitter weeping,
Too atrophied's my tongue
To utter a cry !
Friendly He's not as
Elusive He is
Injured is my liver and
The wounds don't heal!

14. In search of HIM, I go
From country to country, but
Not a trace of HIM, I find anywhere.
I wait and wait, yet
He doesn't oblige !
Too weary are my feet:
I weep and weep……..and,
My tears fill pails deep !

15. Greatly complex is god's Maya.
Too many embark on fathoming
The mystery, but
Realising the truth once.
They lose the thread,
Time and again, time and again!

16. Wary aren't we in varied play,
I would pray to Thee, O, Narayan!
All too suddenly
Be consistently in play with me:

17.O, Krishna, Thou seeth us sin,
Pray wash off our sins,
Unwise that we are:
Be merciful now that
We acknowledge our lapses!
……………. strain.

18. None comprehendth, Bhagwath Mazda
To everyone
It is like the one.
As one conceiveth it
To be!
Unmindful of egoistic self and,
Regardless of 'You and I'
Come let us accept it
s we conceive it

19 He, who isn't born of anyone,
And, of whom none is born,
Whom the living precisely know is such:
One, who knows, contemplates
And yet,
Few know him thus !

20. A mere figment of immagination too
He is not . for,
With four VEDAS, He
Reaches where ever necessary,
And with his thousand tongues,
Even Sheshnag also is

21. To one, He grants to the extent
Of one's devotion and desire
I surrender to Thee, that Thou art my own !

22. Leaving behind all their wealth,
They die.
Blessed are those who have none:
Pray I to Thee,
O, Lord, my God,
For contentment and,
That II be millions and billions
For me!

23. Let my mind be dyed in composure
And that 'II be my wealth and pelf.
Quench my search for Truth
And, Divine knowledge:
Always to find Thee
In my company !

24. Magnanimously, the Lord
Was heard saying:
'All the virtuous suppliants
Whose hearts bubble with
The love of right action.
Are ferried across great spans
By the Ferryman !
Of His Own !

25. No one, awake and
God- conscious,
Is without Him:
He is the speaker and,
The listener, all by Himself !
He is the force behind
Every action and,
Every action is
His doing !

26. Sweet as honey, in speech
We approach Thee,
With love and affection:
For identification !
Ever thinking of and concerned,
Are we about Him as,
He is we and
We are He !

27. Parmanand is blessed with
The bliss of Param Anand (Supreme bliss)
As, smeared is he and his
Every nerve with
Lord Shiva's balm of ashes !
RADHA is his mother and
His Father !
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