Swami Parmanand Poems

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Makhan Chor

Light dispelled darkness
On thy birth!
Jai Jai Jai Devki Nandanai!

Love And Supreme Sada Shiva

In a superbly beautiful pose,
Sweet as honey, is
Supreme Sada Shiva...

In Reverential Prostration

At Radha's, Radika's of Sri Krishan Muraryi's feet,
Would we kneel in reverence and,
Lay prostrate

Abstract Truths Revealed

To die while living is a gamble,
It is to forget the-self.
And seek the Truth
It is to study

Gokul Is My Heart

Gokul is my heart where
here's thy milk shop.
Recollect and contemplate I
The lure of thy flute,

Reveal To Me Thy...

O, Keshav, may thee not
Put me to shame, now that
I'm already grey haired!

Keeping The Vow Commitments

Bear with the harshness of your
Destined conjugal life:
Neither more, nor less!

O, Thee, The Crowned Flutist

Puzzled! I wonder, royal Flutist,
Thou brusheth off the strains of
Trials and tribulations of life,
O, Thee, the crowned Flutist!

Guru's Amrit

May Thee open Thy august mouth of wisdom
To make me drink the Amrit of knowledge:
My Sat Guru, take me out of
Darkness into light!

Shri Shyam Sundara, The Sweet Flutist

Shri Shyam Sundara, the sweet flutist,
Ethereal, eternal flute-player!
Know not, Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar
Ethereal, eternal, sweet flutist!

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