Golden Days... Poem by Mohit Sharma

Golden Days...

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Dedicated to a special stage of life called 'Childhood'

'A recurrent dream broken,

I got awake,

felt disquiet,

figuring difference amid real and fake.

that dream was nothing

but the reflectance of those days,

when worries hold no meaning,

where happiness always embrace.

when thoughts were unbiased,

imaginations were real,

even those ideas were pure

and the virtues ideal.

when winning and losing are

synonymous of smile and tear,

when life carries everything,

except hatred and fear.

neither religion was important

nor thy caste or creed,

when notions blew from heart

as liberated minds remain freed.

where competing with friends

was just a part of game,

even on being seriously hurt while playing,

nobody ought to blame.

where winning even peanuts

equals conquering the earth,

where neither 'me' nor 'you'

but the word 'we' holds the worth.

where innocence and stubbornness

both plays within a common veil,

no matter whatever the condition is,

where truth always prevail.

when smiles were chased

as the flower by the bugs,

when life of the sorrow persist

until the mother hugs.

now how much I miss them

remain amid unmeasured,

all I've left with is

some bunch of moments, treasured.

still wondering how, when

and what to pay...?

in order to relive back and grow up,

with those true Golden Days...'

-unboundmohit ©

Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

Bharatpur, India
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