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On her lips, she always carries
A joyful gesture, a curvy thing
She speaks less, listen more
And veil, a lot more things within

A bit separate, but close we are
Stayed away, still not so far
Laugh alone, even cried hard
Being desperate, we stood apart

I am sitting
with an empty mind
it seems here,
nobody is enough kind.

in search of an existence,
that'd almost sublimed,
the true meaning of my innerself
is still to be defined.

'On an undefined path

isolated thoughts are growing,

People talk of god, it may seems true
But I haven't seen him, even within that nature's hue

When I woke up in this world, which was full of blue

'In the midst of this world, where the others thrive
I kept on walking alone as a part of my own strives.

It was summers,
When we met
The time's mould was right,
Within which our bond could set

They lived so far, somewhere unknown
Into their lonely and desperate mould,

Unaware of their lives ahead, unsown

A dusky boy, who holds middling, looks
For his unlike thoughts, he appears to be a crook.

Sky is the limit, he'd never determined

'You better
equally hate,
but do not

The day was black,
When that cloud got burst
Not to nurture humans
But to quench God’s own thirst

Her father’s princess,
innocent she is
before turning numb
letting her innerself freeze

Yet again,
I've fallen apart
Crumbled down,
Like a ruined art

I took birth normally
In this world of hate,
Neither I know about myself
Nor no-one knows my fate

Time flew soon, since
Our happiness was once unfurled
Like a blessing in disguise, when
She was born & completed our world

Life is beautiful, how to know
Let's see here, what makes it so…
"The moments we relish,
The gestures we cherish

To begin a beginning,
desperately new
I've answered many,
but still looks few

Neither a myth nor a lie,
A human within a human is where,
The God's magical impression imply

"Into a baby's shout,
Onto a flower's sprout
Into a field, seed sown
Through a sunray, first grown

Mohit Sharma Biography

Being and feeling unbound itself gives you enough thrust that you can fly without wings in a sky of your own sprouted but passionate dreams...' Though I possess subtle desires but still i am passionate enough to fulfill each. Life for me is a beautiful journey full of unexplored moments and to explore the same i will love to live until death and can die to live even a single one, and thus its a beginning.)

The Best Poem Of Mohit Sharma

A Dusky Girl...

On her lips, she always carries
A joyful gesture, a curvy thing
She speaks less, listen more
And veil, a lot more things within

A dusky girl with her eyes awake,
Looks more real and less fake,
Sometime lost, well it is true
Looks as if, she won't have a clue

Girls flaunts their beauty,
She flaunts her innocence
Girls seeks for sense of humor
She presents her humorous sense.

A nice human being
A friend so worthy,
A humble girl, who is
less sensitive and more sturdy.


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Gajanand Yadav 28 July 2019

I love you poirty amazing

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