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Gone Forever - Poem by Poem Lovell

“Gone Forever”

I’m sitting here thinking of you in my lonely head. I’m bored out of my mind since you’re not here with me by my cold shoulder. As I wait by the phone to hear your sweet voice, my fingers crave for your body texture. The days get longer and colder every moment without you. If I can’t hear your heart beating then you’re too far way. I dream of with me and without me… some days I’m confused about them. I try not to worry, but it haunts me throughout the day until you’re bright voice swifts in my ear. Then, everything is alright. I’m always curious about your letters that you send me constantly as if you were texting me or you’re right next to my face..

As time elapses and my patience slowly descends, I begin to feel different than before like slipping away from myself. My strength gets weaker as you tell me you can’t come back; I scream until my eyes collapse all my severed tears for you. He or she calls; “Hi it’s me wondering how you’re doing supposedly there’s no way back and the job is great, but I miss you dearly babe. Don’t worry about me I’m fine, look at the photographs that I sent you of us.” “You open the package', and find the photographs and look at them cautiously and slowly. Remembering all of the memories like it was yesterday, but you know truly know there not there anymore because it feels like it doesn’t matter.

That was there last call of notification. You call them, they never answer. Like you were forgotten without even a care. Like you never existed to them. You finally vanish from him, but you’re thoughts of them race around you and release severe pain that dismembers you’re love.
You’re quiet for days to weeks wonder why, what happened, and how.
All you know there is gone forever.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poem Edited: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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