Grace Study Boy Insanity Coed05 09 2019 Poem by Lee Mack

Grace Study Boy Insanity Coed05 09 2019

06 08 2019 xx GRACE xx

School Boy Coed West Virginia

GRACE… school boy, coed, teacher's teacher; there is no degree granted for study of depth of insanity. Insanity is study itself of suicide rationales based on reason to live that floats and flutters away with butterflies escaping fear and loss idealism; for, loss images permanently disappear to become murmurs loss from Grace. Imagine, shut off from personally conceived identic mental language; to think, by transformative means of the voice of Grace. So, so to speak, violates speaking in old and modern English, Eurasian, Akkadian/Altaic dialects conceived as speakers acting white. Speaking otherwise in east Kemetic dialects: influencing Ibo, Yoruba, Pigeon English, or Gala sound and tone. Culture symbols made without dictionary fact and connection to applied history recorded by ancestry and directly familiar to culture that fully lives it. Language becomes doctrine of every hour of televised identity politics of experience which means to indoctrinate the fringe to speak in Amerite dialects. Loss artificial agriculture infects intelligence with insanity. Leading to military, technology, and industrial arts and sciences of cultural civism-racism constructs of [evolutionary] phylogenesis. Thereby, pathetic and cynically abducted by thoughts leading to special and general theory of relativity of trains in pursuit of tangents to arcs of trend lines of two dimensions of coordinate planes, re-representative multi-coordinates of shape and shade [of amount of influence by the choice of opioid]. Test case. Try it out, do Grace or an opioid. Grace has no observable transformative measure, except [1 + 2 = 3, minus 3 = 0; zero]. So also, amounts of these shelves full of prescriptive bottles full, remain as well. Medicine bottles full of twenty to ninety tablets still rest unused on these half-life shelves. Grace still rest to speak with tone to spare, and no tablet opioid, no need to refill. On this bathroom shelf full of unfilled medicine refills of: Diazepam/Valium,1974) , Yohimbine, (02/11/1997) , Hydrocodone, (01/16/2002) , Hydrocodone, ([20 tablets and no refills],05/28/2019) , Celebrex [90 and 1 refill], (01/18/2011) , Ibuprofen, ([60 and 3 refills],12/13/2018) , ([60 and 4 refills],09/02/2015) , (60 and three refills, no date) , Famotidine ([60 and 4 refills],04/19/2019) . Grace, [no prescription, no refills]; no external temple, no synagogue, no mosque, no monetary bank, no baptistery, no capital, no nation state, no circle of city states, no entropy, no free state. GRACE STATE. One Sane Cure. Dumb down to Eurasian Altaic literature of insane gangs. Polling the vote of the white mother of all our Gods, her sons in dimensional shape and shade dictates coordinates of measures of; an historic narrative literature written under the influence of opioids, genetically modified foods and phylogenetic psychical cure for insanity. Write to read the sense of symbolic fact of universal nonsense. How about speak to the opioid sleeping in Huntington, West Virginia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The hills are alive with the tone of music.

Grace Test Case Opioid
Lee Mack

Lee Mack

Shelbyville Kentucky
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