Greatest Feeling Of God's Love Poem by Innantia Magcanya

Greatest Feeling Of God's Love

I never thought this fantasy would become reality
How I longed for this love
How I longed for someone to wipe my tears and heal my pain and scars, to take my loneliness away
Then you saw me, when I wasn't shown.
You heard my silent calls.

You've wiped my tears and healed my pain with your love
You've mended my broken heart
You didn't even know where to begin,
Yet you made it further than everyone before
When I think of you,
a sweetness stirs within,
There's something about you,
that's beckoning me to you.

Oh what a great feeling this is
To be loved for what I am,
despite the seasons of life,
despite my imperfections
I've heard so much about you
Now that I've found you for me
I long for more of you
I want to be yours forever
I want to hold you and never let you go

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