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Sitting on the balcony
Gazing at the night sky
As I take a sip of wine
a stranger appears next to me

I never thought this fantasy would become reality
How I longed for this love
How I longed for someone to wipe my tears and heal my pain and scars, to take my loneliness away
Then you saw me, when I wasn't shown.

Take a step back
don't forget you're human
you are beatiful
You are so beautiful

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Faceless Face

Sitting on the balcony
Gazing at the night sky
As I take a sip of wine
a stranger appears next to me
Stars shinning brightly above him
Seems so beautiful and pure

Trying to reach and touch in awe at his Faceless face wrapped in this beautiful melody which knocked me off my feet
I can't get up
My body feeling bound
so tight yet so gentle by his sweet melody

I try so hard to gaze at his Faceless face!
but all I could see
are the vains in his arms
as he presses hard
yet so gently at his saxophone

His melody takes me to the safest place within
trying so hard to see this faceless stranger
so familiar yet so foreign
so beautiful yet invisible

Feeling defeated as I close my eyes and gave in to his melody which held my body bound,
Feeling each and every chord of his saxophone running through my veins, my body moans, trembling as he presses his body close to mine, melody so tangible, so safe so peaceful  and beautiful

The music keeps playing as he touches my face so gently,   feeling his lips touching mine so tenderly, trying hard to open my eyes my whole body is  numb,
drenched in his soulful melody,
My body shivers with passion,  
as lust creeps 
with so much power making  me weak

I'm trying to resist
But the insatiable part of me
longs for more
I feel the power within
As I raise my hand  trying to touch his face
he drifts away leaving me with ravenous hunger for more
If I can't have more of you PLEASE WAKE ME a whisper within

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Innantia Magcanya Quotes

Stay focus and clear about what you need in life, no matter how tough it gets, no matter how many times you fail, don't give up, it is the strength you gain from your failures that make you strong enough to stand up to your success. be grateful for darker days, you are being molded!

We dont realize how strong we are, until we have to be.

You deserve to be loved, stop entertaining people who don't respect that."

It's hard to hate someone you understand!

Most of the time you hate people because of the stories you've created in your head about them, not because you've heard or saw them do anything bad. Guard your thoughts.

Your purpose is in your passion.

Take a step back, don't forget you're human, you are beatiful, You are so beautiful and you can be anything, you can be everything, Don't hate because someone broke your heart, or because your parents split, or because someone betrayed you, cry when you want to cry, let go when its time, don't hang onto painful memories because you're afraid to let go Let go of things that are in the past, forget things that aren't worth remembering. Don't take life for granted, Live for something, live for yourself, allow yourself to fall in love, fall out of love, question things, tell someone how you really feel, sleep under the stars, create, imagine, inspire, meet new people, make someone's day, follow your dreams, live a life that pleases God not people, live life to the fullest, and one day when you old, look back with no regrets. and remember God loves you

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