Grey Matters - Poem by PRIYANKA BHANDARKAR

Good is the grey to me and it's privileges
like a Tortoise ran over my home. or two carrots that was my prize.
a hare that co-existed on that next alumni
to those regular activities prooved correct systematically
as those took a long time on entanglement

spread wide across like a Lotus that blooms on dots.
it's range more or meagre than perception.Run.
the colors that thinks to escape energy civilized.
the way a nation rules the citizen on some wealth
to give into charity a thousand lives lived.
a shadow it extends that which cannot leave.
the birds that immediately follow migration
a mighty sound that rejects being revealed
and fly, zoom and slide.the arts of heaven.
the way a child loves to eat Ice cream.Burns.
each other of co-ordination and harmony that repeats.
and the stars and planets that remained silent
how big is this? to show sympathy art thou regret.
the greatest desire that announces satisfaction.done.
Gone like the boats that slowly drives across waters
filled with soot of your soul.The articles of love.
hand in hand but now by now.the occupation.
The beakers that reduced solitude.The pigments of youth.

Unable to come across dignity that ruined
dark matter for dark energy that located
institution that breaks barriers.control of lines.
as the telegraph advances to human intellect.
a code of luck and a hand of fortune.
in the path ferocious interaction.they developed.

To look for sub-conscious mind that had written notes.
over God's and slaves filled the table of destruction.
a control of attitude that sustains expressions
face that changed no time.
as one receeded questions to bring in the probable
a choice of words to a change of patience.
so quick that it created difference.a modem.

Gravity that held together the seeds of the universe
it floated around the sun.A ray of hope.
At last an amount of dust that gathered.nothing.
wind, water and fire.rise up in flames.
To announce the continue.A mark of respect.
thoughts of the great that remained great.
Hidden were the discovery of the years.GREY.

Topic(s) of this poem: hope

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 19, 2015

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