Anastasia Pascari

Guardian Angel - Poem by Anastasia Pascari

I believe that we all have,
A guardian angel looking down upon us.
Protecting us when we need them most,
From every accident caused by a car, plane, or bus.

They're unseeable, invisible,
Protected from each evil eye.
It's a job with no end, or beginning,
Guarding us and waiting for the 'help' cry.

They give up their lives to protect ours,
Put their lives beneath any others.
That is what I call true generousity,
Protecting the cat from being killed by curiousity.

Which one of us would be able to do that?
Give up their magical life to protect a human,
A lousy, uneducated, mortal being,
Forget all of that and extend their hands.

I admit, not all pepople are like so.
Some are very empathetic and caring,
Maybe they would do such a thing with joy.
I just now one thing, that I'm not so daring.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I was lately reading a book, 'Child X', by Lee Weatherly, and in it is a play, 'Northern Lights, ' in which every person has their own inner demons. And that got me thinking about what could be keeping that inner demon locked up? If it was up to that demon wouldn't we be already dead? There must be another force that is controling that demon. And I believe that it is our guardian angel.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 24, 2012

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