Shaun Barracks

Gurren Lagann - Poem by Shaun Barracks

I was never shoved into lockers
I could cope with being made fun of
But every day I saw it happen
Again and again
To my friend
We were both alone but he was lonelier
He got the worst of it, the jokes and the taunting
That was I was not victim to
Our common interests:
Anime, video games, comics, and cartoons
If your first thought is 'It was no wonder why you were lonely,
It's no wonder why you were made fun of'
Then you're part of our problem too
It was a confidence thing, more than anything else
I stood up for myself, and now
I had to stand up for us both
I was Kamina, he was Simon
We were brothers, not by blood, but by spirit
I was the Gurenn to his Lagann
And we were both trapped underground

He needed help that could not be found in this galaxy
So I took him to places where he could be
Whoever he wanted, where warriors battled
But he was the strongest
Through Dungeons and Dragons I could build
A world designed for his salvation
That could play to his brilliant and creative mind
Together we fought the forces of Diablo
Sitting side by side, controllers in hand
Fighting side by side, through mystical lands
Together we were able to escape into the world of Halo
As the Mario Brothers and the Castle Crashers
We saved countless princesses
Though we ourselves were Left 4 Dead
It was our Destiny
We were whoever we wanted to be
Through the trials of Goku we learned
To be self-made men
With the fate of the world on the line
Our own problems seemed far less significant
Seeing the joy on his face was all I needed

I was Kamina and he was Simon
I was the Gurren to his Lagann
Alone we were powerless but together we were unstoppable
I had to teach him all I could
He needed to learn to
Never retreat, never surrender, never look back
Because one day, I would not be there to save him
Kamina dies in episode eight
I had to teach him all I could
I would teach him not to believe in himself
But to believe in me who believes in him
I would be his brother
I would be happy as his sidekick
I would be
The Luigi to his Mario
The Alfonse to his Edward
The Yukio to his Rin
The Goten to his Gohan
And I would be the Gurren to his Lagann
I would be there to lend him a hand
But it would be his drill that pierced the heavens
It would be him who saved the day
That day that I finally realize
That it was him who was saving me

Topic(s) of this poem: bullying, friend

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