Hail The Saints! Poem by Mark J. Schulte

Hail The Saints!

The 'Saints' are a group of (mostly) seventh grade boys from St. David's School in NYC who are playing in the Chelsea Piers Soccer League. This is dedicated to them.


Hail the Saints as we ponder the year;
an annus mirabilis - let's give a cheer.
And as it relates to that leather-bound sphere,
other than Chelsea - had we a Peer?

The Saints were Olympian; the Saints were Titanic.
Their boyish élan was - both divine and satanic.
The Saints were miraculous; the Saints were divine.
The Saints had good sportsmanship - most of the time.

Their strikes were just heavenly; their saves were Nirvana.
Their moves looked like those of - Diego Maradona.
But once in a while, without notice or warning,
the play was erratic - like George Best in the morning.

Let us proclaim from the rooftops, indeed:
Lude pro nobis - our footballing creed.
The litany of saints is a short one to quote.
So, may I commence? I know it by rote.

Henry and Daniel, Dany and James;
Patty and Arthur of 'golden boot' fame.
Alfredo and Colin and Jake will pass on,
the gospel of soccer by Luke and by John.

The Saints would surprise me - again and again:
that boys-will-be-boys, but still be 'good men'.
But what I loved best 'bout this team - and it's rare,
was their sense of camaraderie - palpably there.

So as they go forward in soccer and life,
dribbling thru toils and trials and strife.
I hope they'll remember those days - they were fun.
When soccer and Sainthood - united as one.

(March 2010 New York City)

Mark J. Schulte

Mark J. Schulte

Mark J. Schulte

St. Louis, Missouri
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