Virginia Clark

Rookie (Heidelberg, Germany)

Hallway Of Mirrors - Poem by Virginia Clark

It gets hard living in this castle alone
A chilling atmosphere with floors made of stone
In my room there is solitude
And when I leave it there is more
It's quiet, dreary- until I step out of the door
Outside my gates, there is a bustling village
But not one that I would ever be involved with because surely my unguarded castle will be pillaged
But I can't let that stop me, so with one foot out of the gate
I freeze and run away-
afraid of my fate.
I run down the halls of my castle
looking to my left and my right
I think
"Oh no, they got in"
and I sprint with fright
I make it to my room and slam the door in fear
Then I rethink my actions so around the door I peer.
Nothing, silence, peace, could this be?
Maybe I will try again because there is no one here but me
One foot out then the other
One arm out then two
I stop in my tracks because there are others and others quite a few
I take a deep breath
Then walk right foot in front of the left
Carefully. Quickly looking to my sides
I observe the intruders
Taking no heed to my strides.
To my right, I see a child crying on her knees
Screaming at a bedside "Mother, come back please! "
To my left I see her again, years beyond then
Concluding a meaningless prayer with "Amen"
As I continue walking, this girl I continue to see
Doing unspeakable, unlady like things-
Not realizing who she must be
As I came to the end of the hall, I see a lonely soul
I trace her silhouette with my finger
And finally see the whole-
This lonely girl, as pitiful as can be
This lonely girl I finally came to realize was me.
I look back down the hallway to solve this madness
These walls are made of mirrors and hold all of the pain and sadness
Disappointed in myself, I return to the gates
I step out failing to hesitate
I walk through the village in search of something right
Until I see that I had it all along and I flood with delight
I return to my castle and fly up the stairs
Running and running to that hallway without any cares
I stop in the doorway filled with half guilt and half joy
Because I see a new mirror for me to enjoy
In this image I am lifted up high
By the arms of an angel that God sent on high
In my heart I know this is true
That my king is with me no matter what I've been through.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, June 1, 2012

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