Vanya Kaushik

Happy Ending - Poem by Vanya Kaushik

Little eyelids flutter by,
Dreaming of the butterfly,
Made new friends,
And they'll be till the end.
Making circles, singing songs,
Hop and jump and run and talk,
Thats so close to life, yet so far,
Like the dawn from the dark...

Rainbows in the drawing book,
And mud on the face, oh thats a funny look!
Parents teach us to care and share,
So we share our love with all,
But candies with none.
Yes! Thats when we played in the sun,
And all we did was run and run and run...

Then came the 'tuff' time,
Had to learn tables by heart,
Drawing by hands,
And reciting by face,
This was not an easy case.
But we surly had fun,
With Tom & Jerry, our best buddies,
And Pikachu was better then the pet puppy.
Nights were calm,
With fairytales in arms,
And dreams were all of Royal charm...

Then came the time when
We made cards for all,
And hogged chocolates from foreign malls,
Learned to paint in computer,
And build castles on beaches.
Best question was 'why the Bee felt cold? '
Because it's between AC!
But then jokes became darker,
And life a bit serious.

The monkeys of the class turned to became crushes,
And the little princess cheeks were then full of blushes.
Secrets were hidden under 'father mother red cross',
And god at stake in those promises 'God promise! '

Life was now seen from near,
And the heart decided which friends were real.
Had to make projects give presentations,
Pen, pencil, glitter were all on the table,
Tenth of classes passed by,
And our heads were high...

Brain had to choose from the diverging roads,
But heart was the same and missed friends in tiffin breaks.
Expectations went up and marks down,
Some swam across but some drowned.
Still we were side by side
But now comes the end
And we have to leave hands,
Eyes are numb, lips are sealed,
So much to say, so much to hear...

Many must have cried on the first day,
But many more will on the last school day,
School is getting over in just a month,26 is the last,
And then it will became a memory of the beautiful past.
Everyone around is either a dear one or a near one,
Just one line to say
'A child is leaving
An adult is coming
Hope all this passes by
Just as a happy ending'

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, November 25, 2012

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