Harmonica Poem by Andrei Iancu


One time, even-
the Sun will die.
The chills will grow, reaching-
the top of your spine.
Bright masks will be staring-
at the sky without light.
Hopes for a star, diving-
along with their livid side.
There was something done-
and they all held tight.
But the minds weren't ready-
to embrace the light.
Sometimes, it's much better-
to enjoy a long night.
What would it change-
if they got back the sight?

Once, derisive words targeted the others-
but now,
no sound was heard, not even a stridor.
Everywhere you go, deserts, plains or seas-
you will notice now,
the world's covered by peace.
The wind roamed freely, enjoying the view-
hugging the mountains,
again looking new.
The old glaciers which survived in time-
wished to be here,
along by my side.
The Globe was nearly dead, but vivid inside-
it wished it was like this,
since the first time.
No more torment, nothing left to occur,
that is order to me,
don't you think so too?

For the beings it may seem cruel,
but it's nothing wrong-
with the bore in their soul.
Eventually, the light will come too,
wait a little more-
the pain will be gone soon.
There were a few starving, crying alone,
they wanted to live again-
just like before.
A child waved joyfully at the sky,
might there have been-
a sign of the light?
He played a song to celebrate the night,
the end was near now-
he covered one eye.

Silence everywhere...
a deep sleep has begun.
It was the last time-
life was taken apart.

This poem reflects the apocalypse that represents silence and peace for the environment that survived the humans, now in suffering, waiting for the day when everything will get back to normal. On the bright side, that day comes and it is greeted by a kid that played a song in order to celebrate it. But it turns out nothing else remains and that song was the last call for joy and harmony(it is reflected by the title as well; peace, the name of the instrument) , which is, of course, in opposite with the poem's context if we refer to the main point of the story, which is the 'last end' for the life. The poem is divided into 4 parts(1.The apocalyptic beginning coming with the disappearance of the Sun and the lost sight of the humans; 2. The envinormental relief and memories; 3. The humans suffering 'alone', because they were too wicked to be together, followed by the inevitable end that cleanses everything; 4. The last part is a reflection of the life that got to an end, and deep sleep for the Earth and its beings.)
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