Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Harry Potter - Poem by Justin Reamer

Born a boy with normal parents,
Both people of magical blood,
Welcomed into the world on 31 July,
My infancy was supposed to be
A normal one, by far.

But the Dark Lord came;
My parents he slew;
For I, he believed,
Would be his destruction,
And in his desperation,
Attempted to take my life.

However, he disappeared,
And I survived,
Becoming the Boy Who Lived,
With my lightning bolt scar,
Marking the trademark of my fame.

I grew through my infancy,
Raised by Muggles,
Those known as the Dursleys,
Whom Aunt Petunia,
My mother’s sister,
Was my nearest relation.

Living with them,
I lived in torment as
My aunt and uncle complained,
Encumbered with wanton worry,
And Dudley, my cousin,
Made me his punching bag,
His victim to vanquish,
As I tried to run away.

Though I suffered,
Strange things happened to me,
Such as my uncontrollable hair,
Teleportation of my own device,
And snakes of serpentine stances,
Spoke to me in hisses and whispers,
Of which they became free
In the zoo because of me.

Things were strange, I must admit,
But things got stranger,
As a giant man with a beard,
Who called himself Hagrid,
Visited me and told me
I was a wizard.

The Dursleys freaked
And banished me out,
And I left them to Hogwarts,
Where I learned the truth
About me and my life.

I had my classes,
Made new friends,
Dealt with Dark Magic,
And battled creatures of all sorts,
I encountered the Dark Lord,
And I defeated him,
Winning straightaway,
And I lived,
More so to tell my tale,
And I still live on today.

I am a humble wizard,
A parent of my children,
Whom I will never forget,
And will be the man I’m supposed to be,
And now I’m here,
With nothing more,
Living my life,
Being the Boy Who Lived.

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