Hate Crimes Poem by Jon M. Nelson

Hate Crimes

Rating: 5.0

When violence is committed against another soul,
The aftermath is always going to take its toll.
Most people too often will turn their backs,
And do nothing to try to stop these attacks.

A person's religion or color are often the cause,
Because they won't take a moment to pause.
The attackers never think of the consequence,
And as a result there is always too much violence.

As the human race, we're just trying to survive,
Yet everyday is a struggle to just stay alive.
For no reason at all there is too much killing,
And the thought of all of this is too chilling.

Why should it matter what color is your skin,
Or what type of church that you worship in?
There's no reason to cause harm to another being,
Because hatred is blinding and they aren't seeing.

But someone being different isn't always the cause,
Some will attack others even without any flaws.
Some people are just violent because of the thrill,
And they don't care if they will maim or kill.

They'd rather cause harm than offer a helping hand,
Because too many people don't want to understand.
People hurting people, it happens all the time,
Wouldn't all violence be considered a hate crime?

Kaysha 17 February 2020

One of the best poem i have read

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Kaysha 17 February 2020

One of the best poem i have read

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Shawn 27 May 2019

Where are the figurative devices in this poem

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Kedisha Marson 04 January 2019

Good one

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