Jon M. Nelson Poems

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Fallen Soldier Table

The rose stands for the family with faith and love for those who serve,
They're held with the highest respect for that's what they deserve.

A yellow ribbon is for the loyalty waiting for those serving abroad,

Pearl Harbor

It's a day that most people don't recall,
But so many Americans had taken a fall.
So many lives were taken on that day,
And very few survivors are now gray.

Always Follow Your Dreams

Always follow your dreams,
Don't let them fade away.
If you lose sight of your goal,
It will haunt you some day.

Hate Crimes

When violence is committed against another soul,
The aftermath is always going to take its toll.
Most people too often will turn their backs,
And do nothing to try to stop these attacks.

Pay It Forward

When you have the chance, lend a hand.
Don’t be afraid to try to take a stand.
Pay it forward, expect nothing back.
Compassion is something we all lack.

Road Rage

I'm tired of having to slam on the brakes,
Because of other drivers' mistakes.
And a turn signal? Don't even ask.
For them, that's too much of a task.

Leave Your Mark

When you're told you can't go on,
Or that you don't have what it takes.
Give it your all to prove them wrong,
And that they have made a mistake.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

They say Curiosity killed the cat,
Well there is a story behind that.
It's not the reason that you may think,
When you hear it, your heart will sink.

Cat And Mouse

A little mouse would run all around,
Searching for food that was on the ground.

Beautiful People

We're all unique and different,
That's what makes us who we are.
We all have a talent or gift,
That will some day take us far.