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Hatred - Poem by Bailey Schatte

Ever have the feeling when you wake up,
That you wished you wouldn't have woke up?
Instead you wish you would of never woke up,
You wish you stopped breathing,
you wish it all faded away to a dark abyss of nothingness.

You ever cry your eyes out
Because you don't want to live anymore;
You want to just go away
And never have to come back?

Have you ever hit rock bottom
And it felt as if you were already dead,
or at least you hoped that?

Life has no meaning;
The only thing people know for sure happens is dying….
We will all die,
And I look forward to it.

That one person who did or almost ruined my life
Will rue the day he played with me.
He hurt me and her so very much,
The day he dies I will be smiling,
The day he dies I will be happy,
Forever happy because he does nothing
But make my life miserable.
I picture lots of bad things happening to him,
Very bad things,
Bloody things,
Gruesome things,
Things that'll scar someone for life,
Leave them terrified and traumatized.
I hope nothing but the worst for him.

These are the things I think of as days pass,
My mind is a very bad place to be,
And I feel very bad for the person who unleashes all of my thoughts, All my anger,
And all my sadness.

I would give the world just to see him suffer like I do;
I would do anything just to make him disappear forever.
The more I think about it the more it becomes so real;
I can almost taste his blood on the blade that slits his throat
And ends his miserable life.
I will never forget the things
He has done to me and my beloved wife,
He deserves everything to happen to him
As it happened to me,
He needs to have his heart ripped out,
His trust broken,
His life torn into a million pieces,
Where it is so twisted he doesn't know what to do in life.

That'll be the day.

To look at him and see him cry,
See him beg for mercy,
See him plead
And plead that he is sorry,
Make him regret everything.
But it is too late to apologize
For everything he has done.
When he feels worse than me,
I will be happy.
The day he dies I will be happy.
The day…
Oh yes that day will be perfect.
I smile and smile dreaming about that day,
I've played it like a movie over and over in my head,
So much blood,
So much screaming,
So much tears,
I didn't know it could come out of one person.

If you say there is something wrong with me,
Go through what I did and ask yourself:
Are you crazy?
Are you sane?
Is there something wrong with you?
Am I perfectly fine for acting like this after everything?
I think so,
Because everything I see will happen,
And it will be great,
I will laugh at his pain, agony, and sorrow.
I will dance on his grave,
I will sing for his death,
And I will be proud of my work.

His life will end
And it will be slow,
And bloody, oh so bloody.

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