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Dangerously In Love - Poem by Bailey Schatte

As he looked into her eyes for the first time he saw nothing but love, he knew he wanted to be with her and he knew he couldn't hold back. He did everything he could to try to get her to notice him and it worked. They talked and talked and soon became close, very close. They started to go out and fall deeper in love every day, but one day, half a year down the road, something bad happened. Something in the girl's head made her do something very asinine, she cheated, bringing the boy sadness and heartbreak. He didn't know what to do, he was confused, and he continued to ask himself 'is it a nightmare I am in? ' He did nothing about it though, he bottled his emotions in and they kept going out because she apologized to him and forgave her. They started to talk a little less, but in a week they were back to normal, his love for her was too strong to let the problem get in the way.
So they are happy again and it's about a year of going out now, and it happens again, once again the boy is broken and depressed. This time he breaks up with her. A week later she comes crying back apologizing; he can't live without her, his love for her is too strong. He, once again, forgives her and they start going back out.
A little later down the road the girl starts to look sad and the boy asked 'what's wrong, sweetie? ' and she answered 'nothing.' She wouldn't tell him so he dropped it. Then he finds out that she 'loves' someone else too; she leaves him. Now he is left heartbroken and feels like he's barely living, everything he had and wanted just left. His life, heart, pride, joy, and love just left him. He cried himself to sleep a lot of nights and listened to sad songs over and over again till he memorized every word/lyric to them.
About 2 months after she left him she comes back saying she was stupid for leaving someone who cared for her and loved her so much. He didn't take her back, he wanted someone else, or so he thought, but after a while of being with her he couldn't do it and left her. Then he found someone else, someone he's known for a while, and asked her out hoping to forget everything bad in his past; she says yes and they go out. He thought he was happy again and wouldn't think of the past, but later, he soon started to become very sad again, hurting himself, and wanting to be alone; his love for her was too strong to forget. He started to talk with his love again, not going out just friends. But he wanted to be more than friends. He left the girl he was with and got back with his true love. He is finally one hundred percent happy again and she has promised that she will never do it again. She also said the three months without him broke her and made her realize what she had done to him and herself and that things will be different; she won't screw up again.
So now they are one again falling deeper every day, their love for each other is too strong to let anything break their love for each other. He will never forget everything bad that had happened to him, but he is willing to work on forgiving it. He loves her way too much to be apart, he will try to make sure he never gives her reason to leave again. He will treat her best, and talk when things need to be talked about. This time things will be different, he hopes.

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