Danielle Rigby

'He' - Poem by Danielle Rigby

She’d known him since she was very young,
The older brother of her friend Heather.
After school she’d come to Heathers home.
They’d play and spend many hours together.
He didn’t spend much time with them;
His days were spent at games with friends.

Years passed and the trials of high school came.
Their friendship, though changed, was just as strong.
Now sleepovers, movies, parties and dates;
Not the childhood games of days long gone.
He sometimes came to talk with them,
And brother quickly changed to friend.

One night when he was out in town
He saw her talking to some strangers.
He stayed nearby to watch and see
If there was any threat of danger.
On his protection she could depend.
He was there when she needed a friend.

From then on, when she went to town
He would tag along with Heather.
He often would invite his friends,
And so their lives entwined together.
Little did she notice then,
The longing looks he gave his friend. 

Her path in life took her overseas.
She’d miss her friends but she needed to go.
In the years she lived and worked in Europe
Letters to Heather held words to show
Though oceans and seas divided them,
They would be forever friends.

She hadn’t been gone very long when
He realised what he’d let slip away
He feared he’d lost his chance with her;
And so he wrote her that very day.
Although he couldn’t tell her then,
He wished they could be more than friends.

She was so happy when his first letter came
With news from home, that made her laugh and cry.
The words he wrote made her long for home.
She pictured him as she wrote her reply.
She remembered how she could depend
On her loyal and protective friend.

Months slipped by; they continued to write.
She spoke of travel and things that she’d seen,
He spoke of work and everyday life.
Their bond grew strong though miles between.
and many hours she would spend
Writing to her treasured friend.

One day a dreadful letter came
With sinking heart: was he too late?
She’d written of her new friend, Ben
The fun they’d had on their last date.
He felt his heart could never mend,
If he was only ever friend.

She still found time to write him letters,
News of her romance she’d relate.
He tried to keep a cheerful tone,
Although he thought his heart would break!
He wished he had been braver when
He’d realised they should be more than friends.

She’d been dating Ben for many months
When he went down on bended knee.
Her heart was pounding in her chest
As he asked “would you marry me? ”
He spoke of his plans of a life for them
Their wedding day with all their friends.

She couldn’t say yes, for she came to see
Her heart wasn’t hers to give away.
For it belonged to another man
To whom she wrote almost every day.
She realised she would happily spend
The rest of her life with her best friend.

Sadly she explained to Ben,
Then hastened home to talk to Heather.
She told her of the nights events;
Would she mind if they got together?
On Heathers blessings she did depend,
As Heather was her oldest friend.

Heather was thrilled to hear the news.
For many months she had been hoping
Her friend would be home with them again
And she’d agreed with little coaxing.
Travelling days had come to an end
And she wondered how to greet her friend.

She boarded the plane, her heart aflutter;
When it landed, he was waiting there.
She ran and jumped into his arms.
Nothing in their lives could ever compare
To the love they felt for each other then;
To be parted no more; forever friends.

No words were needed; her eyes met his
And the lovers shared their first kiss.
When they left the airport, hand-in-hand
She knew she’d be forever his.
Delight at being together again
Was in the expressions of these two friends.

At the party to welcome her home
They never left each other’s side.
So happy to be together once more,
They talked and laughed all through the night.
And so their lives began to blend,
And she moved in with her best friend.

It wasn’t long before they were wed
And started building a life together.
And she was thankful every day
That his heart was hers forever.
Nothing made her happier than
Raising two sons with her best friend.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

My first attempt at writing a ballad. I wrote this in 2010 when I had to write a 100 line poem for a creative writing subject at university. This poem was inspired by the story of my best friend's parents. I used their love as the foundation for my poem and then took some artistic liberties.

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