He Andado Muchos Caminos Poem by Antonio Machado

He Andado Muchos Caminos

Rating: 2.9

He andado muchos caminos
he abierto muchas veredas;
he navegado en cien mares
y atracado en cien riberas.

En todas partes he visto
caravanas de tristeza,
soberbios y melancólicos
borrachos de sombra negra.

Y pedantones al paño
que miran, callan y piensan
que saben, porque no beben
el vino de las tabernas.

Mala gente que camina
y va apestando la tierra…

Y en todas partes e visto
gentes que danzan o juegan,
cuando pueden, y laboran
sus cuatro palmos de tierra.

Nunca, si llegan a un sitio
preguntan a donde llegan.
Cuando caminan, cabalgan
a lomos de mula vieja.

Y no conocen la prisa
ni aun en los días de fiesta.
Donde hay vino, beben vino,
donde no hay vino, agua fresca.

Bob Reed 01 August 2014

I have walked many roads And have opened many new trails; I have sailed a hundred seas and landed on one hundred shores. Everywhere I have been I have seen caravans of saddness, successful and meliconic people, drunks covered by a dark cloud. The well dressed who see, are quiet and believe they can understand, because they do not drink wine in the taverns. Evil people walk this earth and poison the ground..... And everywhere I have seen people who dance or gamble when they are able, and try to keep their feet on the ground. No one ever arrives at a place wondering where am I? In life, when one comes to his destiny, it is like having ridden an old mule. And of hurry, they know nothing or the days off for fiesta. Where there is wine, they drink wine, where there is no wine, fresh water.

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