Selina Munsey

He Wants A Love Poem But Heres My Explaination

im sorry
for everything i cant be
and im sorry for
not letting him fully see

i know im hurting him now
because my self pride
but its killing me
starting from the inside

but love is what
my guared heart cannot give
he wants a dream
im too afraid to live

i want to
give him all i cant
so i'll work hard
and let us shine through

yet the possiblity of him
to me it scares
because i know a heart
rips and tares

i dont want to feel a pain
ive once felt
and i dont want to deal
the pain hes had dealt

yet my heart has gone back
to immature stages
so i dont want to gamble it
as my major wages

plus theres much of me
he dont know
a past life
ive had to let go

but these are things
i cant explain
only that the people who were suppsed to love
only caused me pain

and why not to fall in love
i have my reasons why
but to control an unattainable heart
it will be hard to even try

he say your in love
but how could he possibly know
with all the emotions possible
how could it be love in tow

i'll listen intently
but give no reply
i'll even attempt
not to roll my eyes

because when he says he loves me
i want to give in
but then i remember
the way love has been

because ive slipped off the diving board
in which i was teasing
trying to keep my heart taimed
to keep it from unleashing

cause once i hit the wather
all hell will occur
and i know in him i'll drown
him being my anchor

or its like a swing
flying up and soaring down
teasing the sky like love
with feet ready to touch the ground

but im losing grip
of what i once held tight
im slipping from the seat
but theres no time to fall in love tonight

but the ways he is
will draw me in
and the combination to my heart
will be a useless pin

plus when we're together
its impossible to sleep
because i want every possible moment
to be a memory to keep

his heart is scrotching hot
and im just melting ice
my armor is being destroyed
and falling in love is the price

because i know
if injuries ever follow
a fall such as this
in my sadness i'd wallow

but im learning
the falling is fine
as long as he stays
to be mine

i guess the words
im trying to say
are exactly the words
i push away

at any rate
my heart has come to win
because im too late
and already love him

Poem Submitted: Friday, December 26, 2008
Poem Edited: Sunday, July 26, 2009

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