Selina Munsey

Watched Him Walk Away

you said you were leaving
then my thoughts went blank
you were saying bye
thats when my heart sank

the images of you and me vanished
then my future was gone
my heart faultered
then stood still til dawn

my world disppeared
as images flashed
leaving my heart bleeding
where you left it slashed

it was like a panic attack
my breathing i couldn't regulate
i barely had time to notice
my pounding heart rate

every moment of ticking time
not knowing how much i had in the remain
not knowing if i could hold onto you
through my tears and your pain

you could've been leaing
when my heart was dying
inside i could hear my plea
that you were lying

you were slowly disinigrating
before my eyes
everything i tried i didn't
my heart would be caged in lies

there was so much i wanted
so many things i could've done
i shouldn't've told you
i should've made you the one

all the ways i didn't try
all the ideas i didn't do
all the things i watched die
i could've saved me and you

im not living
just walking with fear
withought a loving heart
i'll never shed another tear

so of a useless heart
my cryings a waste
and im only living
and breathing out of haste

becuase after love
life has no worth
im just a pulse
walking back and forth

Poem Submitted: Friday, December 26, 2008

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Comments about Watched Him Walk Away by Selina Munsey

  • *Trusting You* (12/26/2008 11:54:00 AM)

    wow... wow... this is Magnificent to say the least... so strong.. the ending is greatness. I love it.shows great emotions.

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  • Mahfooz AliMahfooz Ali (12/26/2008 11:28:00 AM)

    Leave that person immediately......who dared to say u dat he is leaving........ he ws nva been in love with u......... if u r faulty.....jus go and grab him........... and say I LOVE you....... but if he has said lyk dis......... he is not deserving ur love...dont waste ur tears........ u did much for him........ all the conditions fulfilled......... despite this he is not heeding u..... kick him away........ immdediately....... and better name ur dog after him........

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