Ganesh Veeraraghavan

He Who Looks For The Robber - Poem by Ganesh Veeraraghavan

He who looks for the Robber…..

Essentially formless
Clever disguises…

Who else but He all the fabric
Warp woof, the weave magic
Whiff waft as well the wind
Blood bones as well the bodied
Ozone oxygen as well the odour
Aroma afloat as well the air
Sunlit scenes as well sight
Darkness deep as well the dread!

When He dons the cloak
As temptations dark
Like the innocent lamb
Ready for a chop
Like the fate of the sentenced
Ready to be noosed
Like the fate of the deer
Mouthed by the tiger
We fall for the flesh
Under passions for trash
Ourselves mashed
By enslaving wealth gnashed
Inebriate drunken
With praises of men….
Will flesh hold ever?
Will not wrinkles devour?
Will wealth protect?
With her habit to defect
Can praises of men?
Truly enliven!
Why then we fall
Surrendering our all
Why we give in?
And succumb to sin
The arrows seduce
Passion let loose
The hunter hides His arm
Shoots worldly charm

The great Hunter
The cunning shooter
We are dispossessed
Feeble virtues soiled
Our vanity suits
The robber loots
Pride wreck
Sweet housebreak
House empty
Only humility
Stark naked
Utterly humbled!

The oak tree will fail
At the strike of the gale
The humble blade of grass
Will see the gale pass
Even the greats have fallen
With His arrows stricken
Even the ships rock
With all their heavy stock!

If we can lower our heads
When temptation visits
Fold our hands
Close our eyes
We let them pass
Just play witness?

One devout minute
For breasts to intuit
The great power behind
When temptations grind
One streak of light
Giving sharp sight
To see the shadow different
From the real Radiant…..

The Tempter, the Cloaked
Can He be coaxed?
Can He be sweet-talked?
Can He be friend?
To give up His dark cloak
In His light let’s soak
The hunt will cease
His arrows innocuous
Can we surrender?
To this great Hunter? …

Just that we know
That He is all love
Just that we understand
That He hides behind

If He wills, we succeed
If we lose, He loses indeed

Who looks for the Robber,
He saves his coffer
Who looks for the Hunter,
Builds sure armor!

We miss the minute devout
If He doesn’t power us to intuit
If He fails to show His face
If we miss the hidden radiance
If we are blind
Continue in the dark of night
If the winds blow our sail
Boat succumbs to the gale
If we fall for the powerful moment
Let’s not waste on lament
Can we be truly penitent?
And look to Him to raise our spirit
Let’s gather and rub off the dust
Let’s rise for the journey next
He counts not our falls
He just sees if we wish to rise
Let us wave goodbye to guilt
We don’t own this game a bit
When He tests us with the questions
He himself will write the answers
Let’s know that when it the mightiest
We are not shamed by conquest

The fallen too will have his chance
One moonlit night will soak in radiance
Sails will rise
Tides ease
Boat light steady
Winds ever balmy

Does this Robber come to steal
Or free the weight from our boat on sail?
Does this Hunter come to kill
Or free the pride from our soul?

Topic(s) of this poem: god, temptation

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