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Headaches&Heartaches - Poem by sticker mykes

its quite foolish to just sit back and relax with so much on my mind, almost like a world war or should i say war of the worlds, good vs evil or chocolates vs.the diet ppl i dunno, so much im almost exhausted, i want to scream, its really sad how i think not that i want to but even if the slightest of a mnisecond of a second it wanders off towards some unsung tunes of the happy times gone by. i know its difficult to act as if its all ok, is it? reallly is it? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
it is the same city, the same roads, the same traffic the same air we breathe, well i dont breathe, or i make sure i dont, nothing anything that has or reminds me of you, yes you, it isnt much of a surprise, i have made this demarcation of all the places which are even remotely related to the memory that is more of a haunting
it haunts me everyday for the past many years, yes why does it?
i dont know for sure, is it me or have i lost it?
i think the latter is the better answer
after all who would eat 3 boxes of ferreros and survive to see another day without any toothache or a headache
but what is the matter with me? ? ? ? that is the true question? ? ? ? ?
i miss me, the old me, the real me, i cant be all this superficial which i am, i want to get away from all these nanny duties, i cant take it anymore
im sick and tired of all the complaining, the taunting, the everything associated with me, enough is enough
what does it take to find peace in this world, a world war?
an atomic explosion? an earth splitting earthquake or a meteor hitting US? the inevitable i guess, because everything has happened so far.............................................. waiting for it i i prepared for it, i dont know but i do know that i want to be the first to get hit by it, crushing me, burning to pieces, leaving not a single fragment of my would truly help me
dont get all worked up i know, its me, i dont die that easy, although alot have tried hocus pocus, im likew the black widow killing all who come near me, nah that would be harsh, im like that spider minus killing ppl, hurting would be the exact i guess
i dont mean no harm its just natural, all the hate comes out the wrong way and its not supposed to though
its unexplainable and all the un's on the planet
thats bad i know but what can i do, cant think more, serious headache

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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