leAnna howard

Heart Broken (Second Version)

I feel so chokend that I have been heart broken
I feel so stressed I look like a big mess
He stole my heart and tore it apart
I feel so dumb he did this more than one time

The first time we meet in school
I was shy and he was to
Then we got closer and he wanted on thing
But I wouldn’t give it up not till I saw a ring
So he left me alone and sad
Three days later I got very mad
I called him and told him exactly how I felt
He told me the same, and that didn’t help one bit

The second time this loser broke my heart it was
Over what he called “a work of art”
He went to her and left me alone all because I wouldn’t, give him my home
He got what he wanted and way much more
This is what you call a Aids man whore

As he lies on the hospital bed I sit next to him as he turns red
He tells me he’s sorry he know he did wrong
He said he did love me he wrote me a song
He said he knows that well never be together again
He said he would have married me if he didn’t lust with this sin.

As the days grow past and he got sicker
He blames me for this sickness
As the time quickens he tells me that
If only I would have gave him what he wanted
He wouldn’t be in this mess
I look him in the eyes this is no surprise
I tell him that I love him
I say I will be praying
He seems to get angrier and starts to move around
He falls of the bed and I hear to pops as he hits the ground

I scream for the nurse to come and help him out
She looks up at me with a pout and says there’s no doubt
That this Man that I loved is all done and out

So I walk the walk of life and continue to cry
I look up at the sky and dry my eye and think
Why god Why?
Then I remember that once in December
A wise person told me
“Do not cry over your lost love ones but mourn and live life on”
So I dry my eye and get on with my life
For he dose not deserve the tears that take away from my years.


Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Poem Edited: Sunday, February 13, 2011

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