Heart & Mind - Poem by JenOfPoetry METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING

The mind says NO! Walking that path is not healthy.
Cautious are the thoughts speaking to one another about
How each situation will pan itself out.
Picking and choosing the best that will benefit the soul is hard task
Only the mind can sort through the process finding the most beneficial results.
Wise are the decisions it makes.
Reasoning and logic are the skills set within to be the most dominant leader.
It doesn’t have the capacity to deal with the pain.
It receives the pain from its counter parts.
They seek the mind to tell them why such misery came upon them
All the mind can say is:
“I told you not to it but you never listen”
Compassion is at a limit when known facts are in play and the warning signs are not
Therefore the mind must work through the chaos of an already learned lesson.
Saying to itself:
Why do I have to go through this again? I already knew the outcome of the
situation. It’s not my fault that the rest did not listen. While overpowering
my discernment the others wanted to do what they wanted for a moment of
pleasure and a lifetime of pain.
It’s not my fault that my silent cries are not felt amongst the others. They believe
they know more than me until they get hurt and run back to me to make it
It is my job to be here but what happens when I become immovable...
Everyone observes and learn.
Life is a lesson best served with the right tools to fully take in and understand
and once taken to heart, Everyone prospers.

The heart loves hard and deep
Even when broken torn and beaten until existence is unbearable,
It always finds a way to keep pumping
In the hardest and most difficult situations is a light of the room to see a brighter side
of things
A positive aspect created to help the body know it cares
Carrying the load of the world
Loving the faults and good
Holding the hands of the enemies to help them find their way to peace
Walking the path of forgiveness is how the heart
Keeps the mind in control with
A hard task in keeping it within itself but when feed the correct growth serum;
the heart knows
Wrong from right.
The life force of all counters parts.
The engine that keeps motivation and desires running
Helping the mind reason in compassion and love
Silent are the characteristics but loud are the results
I love with all I have at times I am discourage because what is given is not
always received but there is good In everyone
and that is what I search out no matter the outcome.
I listen but at times stubbornness becomes my
fashion And the style I wear can either be a trend or a lifetime factor either way my
presence is felt and seen.
The mind can at times will coherence the dynamics of the purpose in how the heart
see’s life
Can all fill the heart.
This is not the way it is supposed to function.

One without the other can make the body lose control
When not in sync, it appears that one can be fight themselves in a manner that

A marriage
purposely ordained to work together forever,
Communicating with one another through the worst of times and the best of times.
When in tune a musical composition is produced; establishing harmony and originality
Conceiving an individual to rise as a distinct entity different from any other.
No matter the source of development both are the key components in the progression of a person’s
So never judge because you never know what kind of roots are instilled.


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 2, 2015

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