Adeosun Olamide

Helens Hills - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

For beauty, Helens hills is known
A town nirvana dwelled
And hub of pleasant to sight
For Helens hills child deserted home
To clasp brothel or pilfering
All for coins to journey Helens hills
And much was journey to Helens hills
That kings deserted too, throne, kingdom
Nor differ husbands did, as forsook wife, kids too
All for Nirvana that dwelled in Helens hills

But since the parting a Sarah Petkoff
A woman unknown to the admirers
Seem also parting nirvana from Helens Hills
Of Sarah Petkoff, little is known
Save only a beast that saunters her shade
Forth out a beauty, an admiration to all
For this, she was current in many thought
And part too a fragment heart that bubbles Helens hills

An illusory of deception a known for
Who with faults God had ways
That on touch- which repulse comes a splendor
But was all that this Sarah be known
As her face hidden in deep dark
For unknown be, Sarah shunned to own healings
And for looks never did leave that small hut
Where by night, she waters her garden
From whence potions that made all well came

But a ball so came upon Helens hills
That traffic upon Sarah Petkoff hut did surge
The depressed and sick so came be well
And nuns in holies set to observe
Be that Sarah lured abidingly was
To betray own dark and grace this ball
But Sarah and dark is known- that split can’t
And the ball did come where skies life came
Many be memories of the night
That little is heard of a strange woman
Who gut in face brought to spew viewer
And claim a ridicule of own creations
But as night came a dawn, she came dusk
Along with beauty Helens hills for known

Soon a ball to Helens hills came
That all to Sarah Petkoff hut did turn
But her hut forever shut from
And as roses Helens hills weeds came
A hub known once pleasure to sight
Now horrid of sad forlorn women
Who after Sarah Petkoff passing
Returned their old looks of hideous

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 8, 2015

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