B. Sven Telander

Heliopause - Poem by B. Sven Telander

Again, at the perimeter of the forbidden horizon,
where Night Surgeons danced at the sacred
Tomb of the Forever Wombthrone;
the silent eyes gazed upon it and beyond,
chroniclers addicted to the watch,
destined or cursed to keep sight
on the cycle for the kind
who came later than before,
where blind thieves cried
for a tomorrow worth stealing...

The other things that played
in neon shadows and hidden black holes
allowed an unspoken oversight in the system
of this way to burden what was once born
on the edge of the eternal, yet sent to rot
on sick or dead lands little more
than diseased idiot worms,
dull slugs scavenging
the rudimentary existence
for an inkling of reason again...

Where had the Agents of the All
benefited from the dominance of deceptions,
written the secret scripts, sanctioned the hidden plans,
corrupted the Ultimate Engineer with imagination’s cage,
snared more minds in a growing collection,
achieved the obedience of disposable weak
followers in vast abundance?

Some tales perhaps best left untold,
forgotten cobwebs in the back most rafter
of the mind’s tricky attic,
where a festering rat of a notion
takes a dark night’s chew on the sore
of calendars before the eclipsed presents were opened on
the Un-named Holiday,
where such notions of decorum mean more than quaint musty
farts from the almighty halls of yesterday’s myth,
silly games in dead serious chambers for the earnest fingers
pointing at assorted uncertain futures severed and scattered
across a comedy factory with a ever-expanding
variety of morbid ways to clock-out...

Anyone’s favorite playground, predictable targets-a-plenty
abound like stolen jewels in a storm of toythings,
a barrage of baubles, a plethora of products: welcome
to the shrinkwrapped wasteland of wanted dreams supplied;
the Tongue Eater has awoken and its hunger will leave
this world quiescent on withered haunches remaining
in gargled strangled haunt wondering what had become
of song and voice and noise and melody
and why waits in trade
an everlasting tyrant on neverending feast...

Topic(s) of this poem: control, mythology, power, society

Form: Prose Poem

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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