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Slender messenger ringed with song
telling beguiling lies to a fraudulent
audience, malingering harbinger,


A cold volcano holds muse to bludgeon with a touch,
magma of sorrow quickens to lava tears streaming
toward ancient silver city with icons in the clutch,
for any willing victims who waken to the dreaming:

Rhapsodic practitioners of
esoteric optics, ringmasters
of the retinal circus-


In the carcass of the circus
there lay an unburned page
appointing and anointing
another mage upon a stage.

Butterflies tap
against the glass
of greater vision.
Staring at the disguise

Sweeping up feathers
and broken stained glass
on an infinite Sunday,

In that vast library of
escheristic mobia,
shelves ran twisting



Shunted through a maelstrom-
in thrall to the oblique resonance
of doctored dreams, fraudulent
desires, forecasting regrets; smiling

A density of
mothering confetti,
flesh windows on
a skin walled

Unholy rollers,
mighty virus of
the night parade


Reverent sentience in
black askings of
a severed venture,
luminous tumors,

Hours of glue and decals,
with eyes on instructions,
and fingers twisting molded
plastic from flimsy gray

Trapped in the casual
massacre of a deep rest,

cold footprints in the snow follow
her wherever she goes

Jaws of progress
clamp shut on
windows of detritus


Near a sculpture of a
female Jesus crucified,

scalpels open a
new portal-

Twilight came like limousines
carrying people into shifting scenes
from the daylight theater
to the nighttime stage


Raw dogs roam in
rattlesnake heaven;

each new discovery
breeds a new threat.

Vertex of resolution via
future acoustics and persuasive

magnetics, siphoning the impossible
threshold of imagination's contagion;

The hammer
of happiness

is pounding
nails of joy

The Best Poem Of B. Sven Telander

Halo Of Insects

Slender messenger ringed with song
telling beguiling lies to a fraudulent
audience, malingering harbinger,

constant abomination; at the dawn
of nightmare in a steel Eden, they
cast themselves out.

Trembling assemblage with petulant
hesitation, vagabonds in a neon
Babylon with coins of realm in helms

of hands, glowing toys all glitter
above the desert sand; an army
of children scream toward Heaven.

Fricative addiction disgorging and
enscorling viridian quiescence with
the dregs of a message from an

image engine; a cancer fetus dancing
in a frozen golden molten moment,
new maladies for the darkest of ages.

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B. Sven Telander Popularity

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